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Tada! Activision are some of the most creative folks in the industry, that’s why they’ve decided to file a trademark for Drum Hero. Yes, you better believe it. Other than churning out DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero at very close quarters, we’ll be seeing its drum-thumping brethren sometime in the near future as well, apparently.

Who didn’t see this coming? Almost no one.

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, Activision recently filed a trademark on Drum Hero. Given that this is Activision after all, someone should really file trademarks for Piano Hero, Saxophone Hero, Violin Hero and Timpani Hero first. You know, just in case they start making games based on timpanis.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

  1. I disagree, I think Activision are geniuses of the industry.

  2. The drums are by far the most unique instrument in any rhythm game so far, in my opinion.

  3. Keep in mind that Activision have all kinds of weird trademarks reserved, like Guitar Villain for example. Drum Hero being trademarked doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see a game for it; they could just be protecting their assets.

    Also, don’t think that Timpani hero couldn’t be a cool game, when people write timpani music like this: (the performance of it could be better, but you can get an idea of how creative you can get with a timpani piece by listening.)

  4. I love the drums, but I can’t believe Activision is going to a release an entire game just for them. Maybe it will be really unique experience ….

  5. Hope it has some Blue Man Group songs! Their wall of drums is ridiculous.

    • avatar Seid

      Well sure it might be 135 songs, but really, if you look at the tickalrst for those two games, it’s all over the freakin map. I’d say that most people are probably going to like about 10 songs in that list enough to want to hear them again. You think a 135 Suitably Popular Songs Chosen Seemingly at Random for 100 Bucks pack would be a big seller on itunes? Maybe, who knows.(Also, to be fair, the number should probably be reduced to 134, seeing as Eruption is more of an tedious technical showpiece than an actual song. But whatever.)

  6. wonder if Activision filed for a Vocalist Hero, and do they pay royalties to Harmonix for creating their over-milked cash cow?

  7. avatar not going to tell

    they should make a guitar hero one country , then i think it would get sold out in mins. for all thoes country people out their that likes the games .

  8. avatar Gloria

    Mike and Kevin and Poster, spot on.Big ++ to the idea of buying a 135 song raondm track pack on itunes, it would NEVER sell, thus washing the whole argument down the toilet.For my brother and I we didn’t get GH5 for the setlist, by now we have a suitably large available library of music in RB to amuse us for hours and frankly no single GH game is worth owning for it’s setlist alone anymore (unless you are huge Metallica/Van Halen/Aerosmith fans and yes I did buy Metallica but only because it came during a relative drought). We bought GH5 for the slight but nice innovations.If RB institutes a party mode GH is dead to me, aside from the instruments. Unless, like the instruments, they get up to speed to Harmonix and make their tracks transferable to their newer titles.Future pipe dreaming: Ultimately we would see a compatibility of songs between the franchises and avoid this needless duplication. Ideal state we’d have 3 industries : 1) Instrument makers 2) song sources 3) core gameplay.Won’t happen but hey maybe.

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