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In case you didn’t know, you’ve been able to pick up the original DOOM for the iPhone for awhile now ($6.99 on iTunes).

If that seems too simple, however, you can now download the DOOM iPhone source code, as iD Software has just released it to the masses on their DOOM Classic website.  They’ve even included build instructions to compile the code on a Mac OS X system.

Oh, John Carmack.  You’re such a pal.

Source: Blue’s News

  1. Ah Doom, I have many fond memories.

  2. I remember this!!!

  3. avatar Bianca

    i’m sorry, did you say that Doom RPG was one of the best games you’ve ever played on a mblioe? did you forget that sarcasm doesn’t work in when written down?it’s awful truely, truely dreadful

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