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Despite Mr. Nick Simberg’s best efforts to persuade you that DJ Hero is the greatest musical innovation since Guitar Hero, it seems that the UK has been less affectionate to its arrival after it failed to enter the top 10 charts.

Instead, DJ Hero debuted dismally at number 20 in the all formats chart in the UK, which is less than encouraging for a new high profile release.

I wonder if its astronomical pricing in Europe had anything to do with it?

Source: CVG

  1. I think the sales will eventually increase. After all, The Beatles: Rock Band sold very poorly when it first came out in the UK, but since then it has done very well.

  2. avatar Hans

    I bought the game in .nl for the reasonable price of € 88 in a major store (same price they’re asking for e.g. GH5+controller).

    The “astranomical” pricing in Europe may be confined to some of the smaller islands surrounding it, where they still use funny money?

    Oh, and it’s a pretty good game.

  3. avatar Chris Graham

    i’ve played the demo, in a games store whilst my girl friend stood by and watched…. in the end i was the one trying to drag her away from it.

    i think its a great game and will be buying it… its just i was talking to my debit card and when i said it would be £89.99 it fainted.

    all jokes aside on the run up to xmas i dont think anyone will be dishing that money out for themselves…

  4. Yeah, its looking like an Xmas gift for me as well. But i still feel bad asking my parents to shell that kind of money out.

  5. With that price tag you gotta ask yourself, Do I want to pay to be a wannabe DJ or should I take this money and buy equipment to practice being a real DJ?

  6. Don’t be a real DJ. Come play on Xbox Live instead! It’s more fun, less work, and waaaayyy cheaper in the long run. :D You FEEL like a DJ.

    In the same vein, however, you can get a low-end guitar + amp kit for about $200, and Beatles: Rock Band is $250…

  7. avatar Hans

    Hooray, it’s the return of the “bye a reel instrament” morons.

  8. @Hans
    OK sure, I’m a moron. Good luck impressing the ladies with your video games. I really mean that

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