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This week on the blog side of Gamer Limit, Martin went Top Gearing, randombullseye had a nostalgic look at Sweet Home, and Robert had a crack at critiquing Sandboxes.

Read on after the jump for some suggested community reading.

Top Gear Live Review
“The experience is quite akin to that of a rock concert”
-Martin Bigg

Old School Games: Sweet Home
“It’s a classic capcom nintendo game that everyone missed out on.”

A Sandbox in the Desert
Is there really anything left for sandbox games to accomplish?”
-Robert Gunn

FFXII plot hole alert!
“One particular moment near the beginning of the game set off the alarm bells for me”
-Michael Carusi

Doom, the Freeware RPG
“Rest assured, this is one badass game.”
-Jon Spengler

Dragon Age: Origins Review
“Dragon Age: Origins is disappointing for the amount of hype which surrounds it”
-Ashley K

Yoshi’s Island DS Review
“…Its numerous flaws prevent it from becoming a second coming of the classic original.”
-Nathan Scott

Why Destroy All Humans! went down the…
“In short, Destroy All Humans! was an amazing game.”
-Sean Meakin-Bolderston

Great job guys, see you again in 7 days.

  1. Thanks for the plug. :)

    Already read most of these but I’ll try to check out a few more today.

  2. This is a brilliant idea recapping some of the best of the community blogs. I absolutely love it Colin! :-D

    • avatar Maya

      hahaha, takes up too much bdtawinh. gotta save the, if you have installed itunes (yuck), then mp3s in browsers automatically get handled with a stream inside the browser when you click on an mp3.

  3. There’s a hell of a lot of good stuff on the blogs. Nice inaugural compilation, Colin!

  4. And my name isn’t Biggs!

  5. Thanks for the mention! (Also: A periodic spotlight on the community is a great idea.)

  6. I think this is a great idea also. Everytime I come to gamerlimit I first check the news and second check the blog posts. Most of the time I find information there just as useful as the site’s news section.

  7. Does Martin’s blog count as “community” even though he’s a senior writer because it’s not about games? Or just because it was so awesome?

    Anyway, this is still a brilliant idea. Who’s gonna be on it next week? Move, people, move!

  8. Thanks for the great picks Colin! I always take some time to check out our community blogs, some very interesting topics :)

    • avatar Paddy

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  9. Martin counts because its top gear, top gear trumps any rules.

  10. This is a great idea, and thanks for mention! :)

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