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Today developer Codemasters announced that it has teamed up with processor producer Intel to launch an exclusive contest for the PC version Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Codemasters is challenging PC gamers to use the Mission Creator bundled with OF:DR to create an “engaging co-op or single player mission.” Those of you who want to participate need to act quickly though; the user-made missions are due by November 29.

For more details on how to participate and the list of prizes, hit the jump.
According to the press release: ” Once the original mission has been completed, the designers can register and share their creations with the community located” here.

Once the November 29 deadline passes, members of the community will vote on the top 12 submissions. Then a panel of judges, composed of staff from Codemasters, Intel, Games Fed and Turtle Entertainment, will decide which of the submissions is best.

“One Grand Prize winner will receive a Limited Edition Design by Invasion® Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising desktop PC equipped with Intel®Core™i7-960 processor. Other participants will receive OFP :D R branded collateral items, Codemasters games or Intel®Core™i7-860 processors.”

For the complete set of rules, click here.

  1. I loved the original flashpoint, but I haven’t given the new game a spin yet,

  2. avatar Luis

    [..YouTube..] @OiDaniel15The AI have been dmbeud down a lot. In Dragon Rising it was at least shitty, but in red river it’s pure rubbish. The AI is only dangerous when they’re many. The bullets are not lethal to the player in the game either,? and they added perks and shit.Dragon Rising was dmbeud down. Red River is even more dmbeud down.

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