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Electronic Arts have released an old favourite of mine, Command and Conquer for the iPhone. You are able to download and play C&C for £5.99 on the AppStore.

The touch screen on the iPhone can be used to scroll around the battlefield, zoom in and out and move units. There are 12 combat levels that you can play through as the Soviets or Allies, including 2 maps in skirmish mode.

You can still find some of the classic units in this version of the game, such as the Kirov Air Ships, but there are also some new units being added such as the Paladin Tank.

A multi-player mode is being developed for the future, allowing you to play C&C on the iPhone across the Wi-Fi or 3G networks. An expansion pack is also being planned, this title will be ‘Empire of the Rising Sun’, it will feature a third faction, new units, buildings and additions to the Allies and Soviets too. You can also watch the game play here.

I loved the Command and Conquer series, it’s too bad I don’t have an iPhone.

Source: Know Your Mobile

  1. Wow! That is so incredibly cool!

  2. OHHH BEJESUS. Gotta get it

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