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How you like them guns Chase?

If the onslaught of buy 2 get 1 deals wasn’t enough to punch a huge hole in your wallet, then go and get the car warmed up now.

Walmart is currently offering a $100 gift card with a purchase of the Xbox 360 Arcade at $200. But this is for today only and is sure to go fast. So be sure and resist the temptation of staring at the “people of Walmart” as you go get your 360.

Let’s see… buy 2 Xbox 360 Arcades and get the 3rd free. Or buy an Xbox 360 Arcade and a PS3 for $400. So many other combinations of purchases one can make.

Be sure and let us know how your Walmart experience went if you dared to venture out to get a 360.

Oh, but wait, there’s more! If you are too lazy to leave the house for such a deal, check out Amazon’s lightning deals today at 3PM EST for the same deal as Walmart. But be sure to be quick on that F5 key as it will sell out lightning fast. Get it?

  1. The UK gets no deals ever, Screw that.

  2. Well I figured I might as well give Chase something to drool over :)

  3. The caption for that pic is just freaking awesome!

  4. As crazy as it may seem, where I live doesn’t have a Wal-Mart, so I will not be banking in on this.

  5. I’m more interested in the HDTV sale they have going on today… a 46″ Sharp 1080p 120 hz HDTV for $698?! Yes please. Gonna go check it out right now, in fact. But I’d get this arcade if I didn’t have a 360, then use the gift card for a 120 gb hard drive. :D $200 elite!

  6. Nick, keep in mind the contrast ratio on that TV is horrid. $698 isn’t that great of a deal.

  7. Is that why they didn’t have the contrast ratio stats ANYWHERE on the TV description? O_o

  8. Yep. It looks appealing without that info there. 4ms response time but 8000:1 contrast ratio. That is like 1/4 of most LCD TVs now lol.

  9. Meant to say dynamic contrast ratio and not contrast ratio. I think the contrast ratio is 2000:1 while the dynamic is 8000:1.

    For those that don’t know what that means, basically your whites and blacks are going to suck in comparison to a majority of the HDTVs out today. So dark scenes are going to look very artifacty and hard to see.

  10. People of walmart sure is a fun site

  11. The pic is great, however, I (the last person you would think to be so) am REALLY vain. That guy does nothing for me because he is wearing Levi jeans. Now, get someone in cargo shorts…

  12. avatar Zaheer

    The accident of finding this post has brigetenhd my day

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