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[The contest has just received a two day extension due to the lack of entries! Get to typing, people!]

Got a thing for ‘Shrooms? Fancy your chances at commanding legions of Mushrooms? Well you could be in luck as Creat Studios has given us three copies of Mushroom Wars to give away.

All you have to do to get a copy is state what your “all time favourite CONSOLE strategy game” is.

In less then one weeks time, Gamer Limit staff members will choose 5 random posters, and if chosen you will win yourself a copy of Mushroom Wars, it’s that simple.

If you haven’t heard of the game, check out our full review here.

“The game’s art design is bright, bold and possesses brilliant artistic flair. It’s definitely one of the most charming titles you’ll see this PSN side of the fence”

Good luck!

[Competition is now closed, winners will be announced shortly]

Terms and Conditions:
1) The winners will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff randomly in one week from today, on Wednesday November 4th, at 12:00AM EST.
2) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email).
3) This is a digital copy, no box provided.
4) No staff participation, but feel free to post an opinion

  1. Definitely Front Mission 3 on the PS1. Best SRPG I’ve played.

  2. avatar killquick

    Pixel Junk Monsters is my all time favourite console strategy game on the PS3 loads of fun.

  3. StarCraft, easily. The plot is amazingly complex and lets you empathize with major characters and the combat is as strategic as I’ve ever seen to date in an RTS.


    - Cause I can put in on my USB and play it whenever.
    - Plus I just like it MOAR than the rest.

  5. I agree with Starcraft, but Rise of Nations was great as well.

  6. Brutal Legend.
    I actually loved the RTS bits.

  7. I’d have to say…Command and Conquer: Red Alert
    I was soooo addicted to that game like…11 years ago.

  8. My favorite would have to be Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth. It wasn’t the greatest game, but considering how terrible RTS games are on consoles, it did a great job.

    Also, entries have to be console games, not PC! Starcraft luckily counts because of Starcraft 64!

  9. Dune: Battle For Arrakis. One of the very few games to actually translate well to an early console’s controller :)

  10. I think my favorite strategy game has to be Little King’s Story. Its light-hearted and fun story belies its dark undertones. It made me think so that’s why I remember it fondly.

    If you meant more traditional strategy games though, I’ll loved Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution.

  11. Wait a second? They make console strategy games? Seriously?

  12. Age of Booty! I love the humor, the graphics.. the gameplay. It’s all done so well.

  13. Oh wait, console strategy games…
    Then it’d hafta be…


  14. Giveaway closed, winner will be informed soon

  15. avatar Matheus

    wow wow wow this book sudnos amazing. Ive never heard of it, but I bet my sister would adore it! She is usually my book recommender Kat recently posted..

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