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Crackdown2That’s right ladies, gentlemen and llamas of all ages, your chance to get your art in a game is here. Ruffian Games are on the lookout for some talented artistic chaps to get Pacific City all dirtied up with graffiti. Read on to find out more information, such as the slightly important “How to enter” part.

“Pacific City, to be completely frank, is in a bit of a mess. Ten years have passed since the tumultuous events of Crackdown and during that time the forces of chaos have claimed the streets for their own.

It’s in a right two and eight and no mistake. Deranged freaks roam the landscape, buildings have been wrecked beyond recognition, burnt out husks of cars litter the highways, there’s dog mess and graffiti everywhere.

Well, not quite graffiti everywhere yet as we haven’t quite got round to drawing it yet. And that’s where you guys come in.

Lazy swine that we are we thought we’d ask you to do our work for us. That’s right send us your graffiti masterpieces and if we think they’re ace then we’ll put them in Crackdown 2 AND put your name up in lights in the game’s credits.

Sound good? We hope so.

So get drawing and send your entries by email to We need them Wednesday the 9th of December and will announce winners in the following week.

Some Dull Stuff

That despite being dull you really need to read

  • Get your submissions to us in time, we need them by Wednesday the 9th of December
  • Do not submit someone else’s pictures without permission. We don’t want to be tied up in a legal battles with spotty teenagers claiming we ripped off their work because you copied your entry from underneath the Staines underpass (the one near the chippy, not the one by the roundabout).
  • Keep it clean. However tastefully or lovingly rendered goatse or tubgirl pics aren’t going to end up in the game
  • Submission format: 1024 x 1024 images please. Format doesn’t matter that much. PNG is nice”
  1. Think I’ll give this a shot, although I doubt I’ll get anywhere. Looking forward to seeing the standard of some of the winning entries though.

  2. Hang on, are you sure that email’s right? Just that the site doesn’t exactly look… crackdown related.


    The website seems Crackdown related, being that it’s the developer’s own :P

    And in term’s of the @gazaxian part, if you follow the website it goes to an unused looking blog owned by a Gaz Liddon, which happens to be the name of Ruffian’s Studio Head.

  4. So…is Crackdown 2 called Crackdownz? Because that would be hilarious.

  5. OMG they should definitely ask Banksy to submit a few pieces of his own work. His name in the game would definitely push sales

  6. If you guys see any stick figures drawn on the sides of buildings in the game, that was me. :-)

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