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Avatar ImageAion bans even more gamers
By: | November 24th, 2009
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The popular MMO Aion has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons since day one. It all started with some lengthy queues for players who pre-ordered the game, before moving into the humorless phase that most MMO gamers are more than familiar with.

Now, NCSoft have gone one step further by banning 16,000 accounts across American and European servers. Read on to find out what Community Manager Andrew Beegle had to say on the issue.

Posting on the Aion forums, Beegle created this friendly thread:

“Good morning Daevas!

As you probably noticed, we’ve completed a server wide reboot without much notice on a day that we typically don’t perform maintenance. It’s only fair that we keep you in the loop and make sure you know what’s going on. Over the last week we’ve been working on a list, we’ve been checking it twice, and today we found out who was naughty or nice. Ban Hammer Claus just came to town. When the servers come back online, nearly 16,000 accounts will have been removed from the game. If your account was banned, please read the following FAQ.”

Beegle lists several different reasons why players may find themselves booted, but reiterates that they “are taking a very hard stance on this issue and do have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help [them] keep unwarranted banning to a minimum.”

Source: Aion Forums via Kotaku Australia

  1. You didn’t list the reasons for the ban! I sort of guessed and knew anyway, but I checked around just in case it wasn’t the usually crimes of:
    -Gold farming
    -Exploits breaking the TOC
    -Ads and marketing spam

  2. It’s just the natural order of things for MMO companies to flex their BAN hammer every once in a while. It keeps the natives in check!

  3. At least they’re actually banning people! When I played WoW for a year and a half, it seems like Blizzard didn’t even try to stop botters and gold farmers.

  4. Yeah, but why ban players after just a couple months of being live? Seems silly to me, even if they are breaking the TOS. I’d wait at least until the new year, just to keep Aion’s fledgling numbers up

  5. avatar Baka

    It wouldnt have been sane and smart at all to wait months to ban those guys .

    People were getting sick of two things , the heavy grinding and bot/hacks .
    With bots even being an annoyance to do some of the quests , and with many who attained lvl 40+ via bots , some pvp imbalances appeared quite quickly as well .

    It’s no fun getting ganked by characters around a level they wouldnt have attained for at least one more month .

    Many paused the game while waiting for patches , or simply gave up . It wouldnt have been good to wait and lose far more than 16 000 morons and cheaters

  6. avatar nate

    got my account hacked and stolen from me like 3 or 4 days after i got the game. im certain it was hacked from their end also because other than some vista updates and various driver updates this game was put on this computer straight out the box. then on ll/24 around noon central time i was grinding away trying to catch my guildys (whom we all had left warhammer to play this game) and i got a dissconnect msg and when tried to log on account was banned. knowing i havent cheated, botted, bought gold or anything else and confident i didnt do anything wrong i called their customer support number and after an hour and a half on hold i was informed that they couldnt do anything for me or even tell me the reason behind the ban and that they would create a ticket and i would be contacted threw email, of which i have yet to recieve any. anyone else have this happen?

  7. avatar chris suckaion!

    Banned for no reason! Back to wow, blizz PWNS nc, always has always will!!!! Beagle, your a dam fool without a clue! Better watch what you do cause you just burned a good thing! You won’t get outta this, just sell aion to blizz

  8. avatar leendstyn

    I got banned
    ofcourse they can not provided reasons by US gm while having a EU
    Maybe it was just that for a few days i was playing in russia and they
    found some good old red flag.
    3 customers they loose and they will have a pissed-of dutchman on the loose

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