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For the past week, 2D Boy has been promoting a birthday sale for their celebrated title, World of Goo.  The results are in, and surprisingly, the sale was such a huge success that they’re extending the promotion until October 25.

The birthday sale allows PC, Linux and Mac fans to purchase the game for a price of their choosing.  If you failed to get your copy, there’s still time.  Don’t be a cheap, lazy bum.

On their website, they set up an outline portraying every intricate detail about the marketing scheme.  Since the sale started, roughly 57,000 copies have been sold, and this is largely contributed to us at Gamer Limit.

One thing we can say for sure, is that a large reason this experiment generated so many sales, is the huge amount of press and blog coverage it got.

Now that we’ve accepted the award, I want to take the time to highlight some of the fine points.  The average price of game came out to  $2.03 a copy.  Of that amount, Paypal garneshed about 13% of that.  I’ll let you speculate that number and determine whether its worth it or not.   Similarly, as the sale progressed later in the week, people began paying more for the game.

Surprisingly, this had a tremendous ripple affect raising its STEAM sales 40% relative to the previous week.  On a survey, the majority responded “That’s all I can afford right now” with a very close “I like the pay-what-you-want model and wanted to support it” right behind it.

Although the experiment is only about a week old, this seems to have had a very positive impact on both fans, the middle man and the developers.  Maybe we’ll start seeing a new trend in the future?

You know the saying, “You can’t buy that for a dollar”?  Well, I did and so should you.  So suck it.

Source: 2D Boy Outline

  1. It’s definitely worth full retail price!

    • avatar Bobby

      give me a sec let me grab one of my 8 red bulls, I’d be shot in the head.I’ve also tried to get up to use the bathroom and found my team mates from abaodnn all hope become all too frusterated when I didn’t respond. lol. ahh the good ol days.

  2. I agree 100% because of GLs post. :P

  3. I only gave then $5, but I made sure to tell my brother and friends about how fun the game was. I know 3-4 of them bought copies.

  4. It’s a great idea and I’m glad to see another indie company is doing so well :) The last company I can remember having things go this well would have to be Tale Worlds with their sleeper hit (imo anyways) Mount and Blade. I’m thrilled to see these companies are managing not only to come out with great games like these, but at the same time are managing to challenge the traditional approach to marketing/selling games. Great job!

    • avatar Mirta

      2011/09/28 at 6:19 pmHey Tyler, Thanks for the info, we’ve updated the post with the info, I chkeecd out the base application and went ahead and bought Episode 1, can’t wait for Steam to let you guys roll out a subscription, we’ll buy it come day 1! Reply

  5. If it wasn’t for Gamer Limit, World of Goo would have failed miserably. It’s a good thing we are around to help out the little guy. ;-)

    Seriously though, this game is worth a lot, so don’t be cheap. Pay up for a good quality product people!

  6. avatar Largely?

    Largely contributed where?

  7. avatar Marcellina

    2011/09/28 at 1:46 pmHi! Just a couple notes: the base apaipcltion includes “episode 0″ free, and we are definitely working on a subscription option (that infrastructure isn’t yet available on Steam). Thanks for your post! Reply

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