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The Independent Festival’s award-winning puzzle game World of Goo is celebrating its one year anniversary with a new kind of sale: name your own price.

That’s one way to kill a recession, inflation and competition at the same time.  Read on to find out how YOU! can get your very own copy for whatever price you want to pay.

Until October 19, players can get there own copy of World of Goo for a very low offer, very high offer or whatever you deem is reasonable.  You can pay $.01 or you can $100.00 for this title.

There is one catch though, you have to buy it directly from 2D Boy’s website.  Otherwise, the title will cost you the full retail value from STEAM and the like.  Unfortunately for console junkies, this sale only applies to PC, Mac and Linux users.

I have to tip my hat off to 2D Boy.  Aside from being a creative independent developer, they seem to know how to creatively market their games as well.

Source: 2D Boy

  1. Already got a copy, but that’s a pretty damn good offer.
    I wonder how many people will sleaze it at 1c

  2. I think this deal is killing their bandwidth. I can’t get to their website without it timing out.

  3. 2D Boy – the Radiohead of the video game world! (If you don’t remember, RH did the same thing with their In Rainbows release. And it was one of the best selling albums of the year.)

    Too bad I got WoG for $5 from the D2D sale a few weeks back! :(

  4. Oh! And World of Goo is coming to the iPhone too!

    According to GamePro:

    “Going along with the birthday offer, the team also announced that they are porting the game to the iPhone, stating “It’s not done and we don’t have a release date yet,” before commenting that “We have it running well on the iPhone 3GS, and with a little luck we hope to get it running smoothly on the 3G as well. Hopefully more news on this soon.”

    Very nice.

  5. avatar Alexsandr

    Soldier,Do you get peeved when kids own Mac prtcodus and say their all that when their parents are paying for them? Or when they don’t even know who steve jobs is and that the full name of Mac is not Microsoft.. its Macintosh! Was this answer helpful?

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