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Through very careful scientific research, the Japanese videogame marketing community examined and recorded two women playing the recently released Ninja Gaiden 2 and upcoming title Bayonetta.  The results will leave you dumbfounded.

Just kidding, these are just two fun marketing trailers to get people pumped for the Xbox 360 in Japan-land.  Since it happened to feature two Japanese women, I’d thought I make a theme out of it.  Hit the jump for a brief moment in marketing entertainment.

Being of half Japanese decent, I only do this half the time.  The other half of the time I play the game.  Check out our review for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2Bayonetta will be released next month in Japan and will hit the United States early next year.

  1. The woman in the second advert is hilarious

  2. @Komplex

    So damn true….
    Best example?

    Evony Online

  3. Why don’t we have commercials like these in America? Can someone get on that please!

  4. avatar Zenobia Trennell

    Oooh, I really like both of those. Which would you be more comfortable in? I know that you love wearing tights and those types of tops, although the maxi would be incredibly summery!

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