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On the 15th of October, Mythic Entertainment released a new patch to improve the game play of their MMORPG, Warhammer Online. The patch is huge with over 44 sub-sections to the notes.

Included with the patch notes are three major improvements: Realm vs Realm enhancements, New User Journey and the Apprenticeship System. These changes to the game are primarily designed to make it more accessible for people starting or returning to Warhammer Online.

Mythic suffered this year after being forced to close 63 servers in an effort to lower the running costs with a dwindling population of subscribers. I am glad to see that Mythic is still giving extensive improvements to their MMO.

It really is not all doom and gloom for the game; the MMO industry is too expectant of new titles to reach subscriber numbers closer to World of Warcraft. WO still has a subscriber base that is very admirable at around 300,000 active subscribers.

At the average pay to play rate of 15 dollars a month, the game can gross 4.5 million dollars a month. Granted they will have overheads. However, this is still an ample supply of revenue to provide regular, exciting updates for its player base.

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