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Do you want to play your video games like a true Samurai?

If so, you’re in luck as USBGeeks are vending the ultimate in uncomfortable gaming, a Samurai-ish controller… complete with glowing eyes and a removable mask.

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According to its rap sheet, it’s only compatible with Windows, PlayStation PS3 and PS2. So if you are an Xbox fan, sadly you’ll miss out on the awesomeness that isn’t this controller.

Source: USBGeeks via Technabob

  1. Well it looks cool….. and painful…. very painful.

  2. Surely any part where your hand is…shouldn’t be jagged?

  3. Not if you are a true samurai.

  4. Wow, and I thought that the new black and red 360 controllers were the ugliest ever.

  5. avatar Anonymous

    I used to have this for the ps2 i miss it

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