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After trialing a few different schemes, Walmart has finally decided to start selling used games throughout its many stores. Only time will tell if this service will be worth it, but I don’t think that the major game retailers will be too pleased at losing more revenue to used game services.

To check out further conditions and news about the scheme, just hit the jump.

One interesting limitation of this scheme is that Walmart will not be accepting any games as trade-ins. Whether they’re buying used games cheaply from other retailers or simply sourcing their used games from other store chains they own, it will be interesting to see how well they can pull it off.

Lastly, this service will apply to all the major consoles, including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox360, PC and Sony Playstation 3 games. There is no word yet if the older generations such as the Playstation 2 and original Xbox will also be supported.

Source: QJ.Net

  1. I’m honestly surprised it took this long for other major businesses to adopt Gamestop/EB’s used game model.

  2. Yeah, but now that Wal-Mart has caught on, used games should really pick up among other retailers.

  3. I hope that this potentially ruins Gamestop, and forces them to change their model.

    • avatar Marlene

      okay for part one, not all games on the ps3 have trophies, games like wharawk, grand theft auto 4, rock band 2 are 3 that i know of right now. i have heard of a few other games like drakes uncharted has them, if i knew the list i would gladly inform you. now for part two. there is no CONFIRMED date for the OPEN BETA TRIAL or RELEASE DATE of if. Sony has been pushing for it to be released quarter 4 of 08, which in the time frame it has till the end of December. the only thing i know about HOME is that annual Qore members and a few other lucky people (grits teeth) received private invites to the closed beta of HOME.

  4. It’s a big industry, It was only a matter of time before Gamestop got their monopoly bitch slapped by another company.

  5. @Chris Carter
    One can only hope. Or maybe Wal-mart is going to start pushing used copies on me, asking if I want to preorder games, buy the strategy guide, and subscribe to their magazine.

  6. I might actually purchase used games from Wal Mart so long as they avoid slapping 90 different stickers on the goddamn case.

  7. avatar Abe504

    walmart is worse that gamestop. walmart is one of the reasons why the economy has so many issues. there never should be one place that offers everything, defeats competition and they can control the market.

  8. avatar Kanu

    Playing video games hour after hour is stupid ayawny no matter what you put the time to otherwise, don’t you think it is a waste of your life to be stuck in a room playing games, grow up get a life and do something with your time other than play games, that is not the way an Intelligent person whiles away the hours.

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