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Today THQ announced that it will handle publishing 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033. In celebration of this news, 4A released three new screenshots and a trailer.

For those of you who don’t know, Metro 2033 is a “horror/action/survival FPS” with a few RPG elements. The game is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel with the same name.

To find out more about Metro 2033 and to see the new media, read on.

The story follows survivors of a nuclear holocaust who are forced to live in Moscow’s metro system due to radiation and “mutant horrors.” Each station becomes it’s own society including “democracy with market economy, totalitarian sects, military communism, primitive society with proper culture and beliefs.”

According to THQ’s vice president of global band management, Richard Williams: “Metro 2033 will plunge gamers into a terrifying vision of the future. 4A Games have worked closely with Dmitry Glukhovsky to deliver a unique game world, a compelling, cinematic story and an incredible, atmospheric experience to rival anything in the category.”

Metro 2033 is currently slated to arrive “early 2010″ on the PC and Xbox 360.

Metro 2033 2

Metro 2033 3


  1. The cave pictures remind me of the Lamplight Caverns.

  2. Chris, you’re spot on with that comparison.
    As an aside, the post-apocalypse is beginning to bore me as much as zombies

  3. It actually looks pretty good for a title I haven’t heard much of :D

  4. Why is it that games love to paint a grim and depressing vision of the future. Just once I want to play a game where the future is bright and colorful.

  5. @Shawn
    Good point Shawn. I can’t think of many games based in the future that do paint a bright picture. Even when the future is looking bright, something happens that turns that beautiful future into another grim, depressing environment.

  6. It’s not just games, to be honest. Pretty much every medium seems to depict the future as apocalyptic or at the very least in a decayed state.

  7. Apparently nobody has a vision for a future of lush, colorful environments. Maybe that has something to do with the way our world is digressing from that environment….

  8. @Shawn

    If the future was bright, who would there be to kill?

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