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[Hello and welcome to another super edition of The Week in News, your reliable resource of gratifying gaming news brought to you by Gamer Limit. Feel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

Another spiffing week has passed, meaning it is once again time to rummage through the super findings of the past week.

Join me after the break for this week’s all important scathing news roundup!

Fighting fans were in for a super treat this week, as Super Street Fighter IV was finally unveiled to its rejoicing fanboys. Not only that, but a tantalising trailer was also released which served to showcase the game’s myriad of brightly coloured characters – too bad you will all have to wait until next Spring to finally meet them. Not to be outdone, Namco also stepped into the ring with a new flurry of viral advertisements for Tekken 6, where lots of things happen in super slow motion.

Meanwhile, in the real world Fisher Price managed to kill every 7 year old’s Wii after a tragic firmware update, which isn’t too dissimilar to Sony’s recent escapades. But fear not as, crippled with remorse, they offered to revive your deceased console completely free of charge if you live in the US or UK.

In other news, social outcast Jack Thompson once again made us all laugh and direct our palms firmly onto our faces. What has he done now you ask? Well, deliberately avoiding the realms of common sense, he only went and sued social networking king Facebook.

Actually, the man has a point this time – I wholeheartedly despair being mercilessly tagged in unwanted photographs. Also, something tells me that Jack would get along all too well with Australian activist Michael Atkinson, who displayed some glaring examples of wanton ignorance over the never ending video game violence debate. Can you imagine if they were locked in a room together?

Over in Americaland, some 200 locations were affected by the closure of games retailer Game Crazy. Heartbreaking news indeed, but we were all soon warmed up by an emerging love story between Valve’s Gabe Newell and a manic boycotter who felt considerably unloved. After much careful persuasion, as well as cold hard cash, the good hearted Gabe booked the first flight to Australia in order to visit his new love interest, all in the name of obtaining good publicity for Left 4 Dead 2. How’s that for devotion?

Last year Spore delivered an interesting gaming premise, but is it movie material? Blue Sky Studios certainly seem to think so, but given appalling standard of video game movies to date, I’m not as enthusiastic about such a project. But then let’s look on the bright side as, presumably, Uwe Boll won’t be defecating on it, meaning it is less likely to be overrun with genetically handicapped creatures with giant genitals.

It’s glorious trailer time now, starting with Pixar’s latest movie Ratchet and Clank Future which is looking as spectacular as ever. Elsewhere, a stack of release dates were to be found such as the loveable LittleBigPlanet on PSP and Trine for the US, along with further announcements of episodic content for Fable II, an alternative version of Resident Evil 5 and some expansions for Elven Legacy which reached new heights of business sense.

Elsewhere, Battlefield 1943 will finally be invading your PC for a very tidy price of admission. Or if that doesn’t excite your taste buds, how about an upcoming beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

And finally

Did you know that the PSP Go launched this week? Well, nobody seemed to really give a damn which would imply that you all ignored my heartfelt appeal last week to adopt a needy PSP Go.

That’s all folks! Don’t forget that Gamer Limit loves you to the point that we provide an assortment of giveaways every week and actively encourage you to start your own blog with us. Do it. You know it makes sense.

  1. Every week after I finish reading our weekly round-up of news, I’m always impressed by how much content we cover. Great job boys!

  2. Thanks for the weekly update Martin. :-)

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