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Left 4 Dead 2

[Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of The Week in News, your reliable resource of gratifying gaming news brought to you by Gamer Limit.]

It’s Sunday which of course means one thing for Gamer Limit – it’s time for me to dissect the events of the past week in gaming into one humble suet pudding of an article.

Can you stomach it all in one momentous mouthful?

If you happen to be Australian and have a craving for Left 4 Dead 2, then you haven’t exactly been in luck. In fact, you weren’t even scheduled to receive it at all, but now things are looking somewhat brighter. Yes, the world’s most conservative classification board has finally done the right thing and granted Left 4 Dead 2 a classification, but sadly there is a small drawback – it’s Manhunt 2 all over again as there are now talks of Australia receiving a watered down version instead.

So I’m sorry Australia, but it looks like your experience of Left 4 Dead 2 will amount to issuing zombies with affectionate hugs as opposed to devious disembowelment. Still, it could be worse, as things are not much better if you live in China. They don’t believe in video games.

Earlier this week, Gamer Limit was struck by an endearing mystery in the form of an unconventional marketing campaign. With just a blood stricken postcard to go by, we didn’t even know what game the advertisement was for, but can you help solve the mystery?

Some detective work also revealed a trademark filing for a sequel that has no doubt caused great excitement. I am talking of course about Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – excited yet?

Meanwhile, Microsoft has conformed to the 21st century bandwagon that is Twitter, so now you can broadcast your escapades of furious online gaming to the entire world. Am I the only soul who hasn’t been pulled into Twitter’s tractor beam? Elsewhere in the land of the internet, launched its own Playstation Network Store for no conceivable reason whatsoever.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t exactly warm to the PS3’s 3.0 update, much to the dismay of N4G’s fanbase, but it never occurred to me that I should seek legal action. John Kennedy largely disagreed however, and did just that. I’m sure Sony is suitably scared of such a prospect, but what is more alarming is their denial that hardly anyone has adopted a poor PSP Go in Europe.

Online retailers managed to grasp the console’s shortcomings however, namely its’ astronomical RRP, and quickly slashed the price as a result in a bid to finally sell the struggling console. I still see no discernible reason to buy one however, as it’s clearly too costly for prospective new adopters and it will only appeal to existing owners who have more money than sense.

Polyphony were once again keen to demonstrate their capabilities of crafting perfect pornographic material for cars this week, this time utilising Toyota’s latest model, the buxom FT-86. Mmm, drool.

Elsewhere, in a surprise announcement it seems as though we might finally be able to live out a lifelong fantasy in an upcoming game – who hastn’t wanted to be Jack the Ripper? For the more tame at heart, there is always the upcoming Jak and Daxter and the timeless classic Oddworld which I haven’t played in about 10 years. Oh how I used to laugh at their gastric flatulence.

The Week in News is drawing to a close, so as usual I thought I would leave you with the usual benign basket of video fruits. Firstly, we’ve got a trailer for Taito’s enthralling shoot em up Darius Burst for the PSP, along with the power up centric Blur and a new multiplayer trailer for Brutal Legend; as if there is anyone on this planet who isn’t aware of Jack Black’s starring video game debut of a man with truly savage biceps.

And finally…

By this point you are probably wondering just what the 3000 in this week’s headline signified. Well ,celebrations were in order after Gamer Limit reached a new mammoth milestone of 3000 posts, complete with a special monument featuring all of our ugly mugs. No, it’s not over 9000 yet but we’re working on it.

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to spend your time productively by starting your own prestigious blog with us and be sure to check out our weekly giveaways every Monday because we clearly love you more than anyone else.

  1. Jolly good roundup, mate! Let’s bugger off for some tea and crumpets, eh?

  2. Thanks for another awesome “Week in News” writeup. :-)

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