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[Hello and welcome to another electrifying edition of The Week in News, your reliable resource of gratifying gaming news brought to you by Gamer Limit every SundayFeel free to check out our full schedule right here!]

The Week in News is here once again to deliver an invaluable service to you, our fellow readers, by grinding every nugget of gaming news into one easy to swallow summary. All you have to do is sift through the bevy of blue hyperlinks which have been painstakingly amassed by yours truly.

As a result, your weekly news roundup awaits you in the usual place – yes you guessed it, after the jump!

It’s been a rather sombre week I’m afraid, as the legendary Captain Lou Albano, a.k.a. former WWE star and frontman of the Super Mario Bros Super Show, died at age 76. Once again, Gamer Limit sends their condolences to the Albano family. Our very own Nick Simberg even made a tribute song in light of the event, but I think I’ll go and dust off my old Super Mario Bros Super Show VHS. R.I.P. Lou Albano.

In more positive news, the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott saga finally came to an end this week after Gabe’s fleeting visit to the land of Australia. So there you have it, after weeks of hogging our news items the activists finally succumbed to Gabe’s menacing charms, but you have to wonder if Valve will stick to their promised regime. Afterall, they have certainly been consistent with their negligence of developing anything for the PS3, which remained true for Left 4 Dead 2 much to my dismay.

Ah yes, the treacherous tabloids of Great Englandland have been at it again, once again confirming that they don’t have even a modicum of integrity. According to the highly reputable source that is the Daily Star, the prestigious night vision goggles that are to be bundled with Modern Warfare 2 will turn you into a sadistic pervert – can you say facepalm?

Speaking of Modern Warfare 2, those who were looking forward to some co-op action may be disappointed to learn that Infinity Ward felt this would extinguish the merit of the main campaign mode. Fortunately all was not lost however, as a dedicated “special ops” mode was revealed, but PC fans soon felt the need to go on a rampage of their own after the crushing news that dedicated servers will not be present for the PC version. But then let’s face it, everyone is going to flock to buy this game no matter what they charge.

In other news, the PS3 Bulimic is to receive some much needed bulk after a successful 250GB hard drive transplant. This is fine for people who aren’t aware of the benefits of fitting custom hard drives, but what players have really been crying out for is the rather rudimentary feature of cross-game voice chatting. But wait! This could soon be a reality if the posting of an alleged Naughty Dog employee is to be believed.

I can think of more than a few ways to describe the Nintendo Wii, but “terrorist detector” was certainly not one of them. Well, apparently the Wii Balance Board could well be utilised in such a way for airport security, as opposed to its usual purpose of mocking podgy gentleman.

It was raining bricks this week, what with the announcement of Lego Indiana Jones 2 and the unveiling of Lego Rock Band’s all too predictable soundtrack. Can you smell the shameful gimmickry?

YOU THERE! Buy a PSP. No, for once those are not my words but those of Mr. Hideo Kojima, as apparently the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peacemaker will feature something so fantastic it will implore you to buy a PSP. But with his usual sense of secrecy, the said feature has yet to be disclosed – that man certainly knows how to tease us.

The avenue of game adaptation movies looks like it could be extending next year with the possibility of an inFAMOUS film, but I am once again mindful of it falling into the grubby hands of Uwe Boll – we really don’t want that to happen. 2010 is also now set to be the launch period of the almighty Mass Effect 2. Delicious.

It’s video time now, starting with some tasty gameplay footage of the eerily life like Heavy Rain. If that’s not enough, then we were also treated to the likes of a trailer for the new Alien vs Predator, a first look at the God of War Collection and some tantalising screenshots for Command and Conquer 4. Finally, most of you are aware by now of my abject fear of all things Japanese but Pokepark took things to another level – how can you not feel intimidated by an eccentric Japanese person in a scary Chimchar suit?

And finally

Have you ever felt your controller was too comfortable? Well, help is at hand as you can now make it catastrophically cumbersome by morphing it into a Samurai. It makes perfect sense.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to take part in our generous giveaways every Monday. Did I mention that you can also start your own blog with us?

  1. Love your work, Martin. Great wrap!

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    Hey, im a new fan of the site. I like how this reminded me of the old times news reels from like the 40s and 50s. Keep up good work.

  3. Thanks for the weekly news update Martin. :-)

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