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About a month ago, I reported that the new characters we’d be seeing in the console version of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars were leaked.  As of yesterday, though, we’ve seen four out of five of these character officially announced.

Capcom recently revealed that Joe the Condor (a.k.a Joe Asakura) and Zero as new additions to the stateside release. Hit the jump to see some gameplay footage!


Joe the Condor:

Zero’s announcement is of particular interest, because he was the only character on the leaked list with any uncertainty; before the official announcement, it could have been either the Mega Man X or Mega Man Zero iteration. It also might have been Zero Gouki from the obscure Capcom fighter, Cyberbots.

In any case, the last of the five characters, Yatterman #2, has yet to be officially announced, so stay tuned at Gamer Limit for more info! TvC hits North America on December 11th!

Source: Capcom-Unity, Shoryuken

  1. Batsu from Rival Schools!!
    Damn haven’t seen him for ages, I used to love that game.

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