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Truth be told, the debut trailer from Star Wars’ new Battlefront: Elite Squadron doesn’t show much. In fact, it almost shows nothing but a brief, shiny-looking CGI cutscene for fans to take a peek at. LucasArts are pretty honest when it comes down to it, they even note that these sharpshooting visuals aren’t the actual gameplay footage; how nice of them.

If 33-second trailers involving space Stormtroopers are your thing, scoot inside.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, a PSP and Nintendo DS exclusive, is slated for release on November 4 this year.
  1. Well, what they’re showing is that they’re putting into play concepts that were being tossed around for BF3 (That being the seamless overlapping of space and ground combat).

    At least, that what it looks like to me, and what it means by “The Battle Gets Bigger” or w/e.

  2. Screw Battlefront on the PSP. I want a new next-gen console version!

  3. Yeah, I really want a Battlefront 3.

  4. A PS3/360 battlefront needs to be done.

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