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Today Sony announced that Slant Six’s PSP tactical shooter SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3 has been delayed to January 12, 2010.

Sony originally announced that SOCOM would hit November 24 a few weeks ago. Since then the announcement was removed with no explanation. To find out why the game was delayed, read on.

According to Mark Rogers post on the PlayStation.Blog, “development is on schedule and we are extremely pleased with all aspects of the title.” He added  that “some high value visual assets (screens and video) have only recently been made available to global marketing and we have decided to move the release and allow time to get the word out to everyone.”

  1. Eh, it was nothing that Fireteam Bravo 1 and 2 hadn’t already done anyway. No big deal really. The SOCOM series needs to find its way back to a major console and redeclare itself a multiplayer powerhouse.

  2. Ah man, the idea of a PS3 SOCOM title sounds promising

  3. avatar Mario

    much progress in the war agsnait piracy; a battle they’re now fighting with the introduction of locking the online aspect of new games to one PSN account. Lets hope Sony offers more free games like they have done in the past.

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