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A new trailer for BioShock 2′s “Capture the Sister” mode has been released.  Judging from the trailer, it looks like a standard game of Smear the Queer just with plasmids, Big Daddies, weapons and splicers.  Now that sounds like my kind of game.

In the mode, you’re objective is to capture the Little Sister and try your hardest to get her safely to the escape point.  Aside from ducking and weaving, it seems as though you’re only form of defence are your plasmids.

On a side note, does anyone else find it kind of eerie that you’re objective is to kidnap a little girl?

At the moment, little else is known for Capture the Sister, but it indeed looks like it’ll be an incredibly engaging experience.  Nonetheless, I still remain very optimistic that BioShock 2 will undoutedly blow its precursor out of the water.

Expect BioShock 2 to hit stores Feb. 9, 2010.

Source: 1up

  1. I can’t wait to play this game any longer. I’m planning some tactical espionage pretty soon to break into 2K. Who’s coming with me?

  2. I’ll bring the grappling hook. Who has the stun guns? All I have are these worthless Plasmids.

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