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It appears that a Naughty Dog employee might have let slip that the next PS3 firmware update will contain the long awaited cross-game voice chat functionality.  This information comes from a forum post in which a user with a “Naughty Dog Dev” stamp has been quoted saying “the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat.”

Of all the features that Sony has yet to implement on the PS3, this is probably the most requested.  The fact they haven’t added it to the system has been a point of contention amongst many PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys.  I myself think this is the one hurdle the Playstation Network has left to leap before it can be considered on par with Xbox Live.

Do you think the PS3 needs cross-game voice chat?

[Update:] It appears the Naughty Dog employee’s forum post has been deleted.  Could this possibly point to the rumor being true?

  1. I would love it! My Jawbone needs some more use! :P

  2. I would kill for this. There’s nothing worse than having to call up your friend or message them over the XMB just to switch games.

  3. WIth as powerful as the PS3 is, you would think this feature would have been added a LONG time ago!

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