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Back when Gamer Limit was at E3, we reported that Microsoft was integrating Facebook and Twitter into the Xbox 360′s NXE. Well, it’s finally dated for UK gamers: everyone else will just have to sit tight!

Now that we know that social integration is on the horizon, how many of you will actually use it? My 360 is ten feet from my PC, and I’m too lazy to hook up another keyboard to my console, so that pretty much tells you what I think of it. In fact, the only two demographics I can see benefiting from this addition are youngsters who aren’t allowed on the family computer, or troubled youths who are “grounded” from using Facebook/Twitter. Oops! You better hope your parents don’t see this news update!

Note how I left out the fact that Facebook is also coming in my title for the story: Twitter is the wave of the future…stop fighting it. For those who are old-school, and still use Facebook, you can check out some additional info on the official site.

  1. Despite the fact I can never be bothered with social networking sites, It is nice to get something first for once :)

  2. I don’t see Facebook/Twitter as an either/or, I use both as they both have different purposes. Really intrigued to see how easy to use the two are on a console. Various apps (desktop and phone alike) have given different usability to Twitter whereas I find the main site a bit drab. Will just have to wait and see.

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