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Just when you thought modding couldn’t get any more awesome, along comes this… a fully functional GB and NES built into a NES cartriage.

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“My nesP is basically a noname china brand portable media player, with the advantage of being able to play nes roms, and a nes controller hacked to the controls. First off the buttons on the original media player just sucked, they were so small and tight that my fingers could not easily push them.

So I got the idea of modding a nes controller to it, that’s when I remembered about the above mentioned mod, and thought maybe I can cram this inside of a cartridge case with the controller. Well it worked perfect, it was like it was made to fit, I didn’t use any hot glue or anything other than some double sided tape to hold the battery in place….”

The good news, for anyone who digs, is it’s for sale. Sadly, no prices are available. Although, I suspect it’ll be quite expensive.

You can read more details on the forum where the creator posted it.

Source:  Ben Heck Forums, via techabob

  1. Man, this is awesome. It’s like an indie gamer’s fantasy.

  2. That is really freaking awesome! Where do people come up with these ideas?

  3. Wow… Just wow this is amazing :D

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