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Pixeljunk Monsters PSP

Q-Games, the developer of the hugely popular PixelJunk series on the PS3, have recently commented that they’re not happy with the amount of piracy happening on the PSP. Having only just released PixelJunk Monsters: Deluxe on the PSP three weeks ago, they stated that “they don’t think they’ll be porting anything else” as there is a “lot of piracy” cutting into their sales.

While there is still hope for Q-Games releasing further games on the PSP, at this point in time the future looks grim.

The main determining factor as to whether they will port or create new titles is the amount of sales they make on PixelJunk Monsters. While Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert confirmed a demo was being made in an attempt to increase profit, he also commented that “it would be unlikely to make a difference in sales.”

News such as this is really quite disappointing for PSP owners, as one of their main gripes is that there is not a lot of third-party titles being released on the PSP. While it is possible that AAA titles on other consoles such as Uncharted 2 have taken away from their sales, it’s far more likely that pirates simply don’t realize the effect they have on the industry.

It’s almost a catch-22, because if a significant amount of PSP owners are pirating their games, it also means that they’re deterring other developers from creating new titles. In turn, few developers are willing to risk developing on the PSP, and this results in both the pirates and the average consumer missing out on some quality titles.


  1. The funny thing is how people justify piracy by saying things like DRM is too harsh so I pirate instead, or there are no dedicated servers so I’ll pirate the game. In reality piracy is the same as theft, and it screws people over.

  2. Yeah, a lot of people have different justifications for it and they’re usually crap. “I only pirate games to see if I want to buy them,” “It’s because most games on the PSP are not worth buying,” or I love the “I’m a student, I can’t afford to buy games.”

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