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It’s been a little while since gamers have heard about the PC version of Battlefield 1943. The last mention of it was when EA announced it had been delayed till early 2010.

Today word got out that the PC version will cost gamers $15, the same price as on the consoles. Not bad considering the PC version features 32-player multiplayer, joystick support and a server browser.

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While it was originally slated to arrive along side its console counterparts, the PC version of BF 1943 was delayed “to ensure the features and functionality that PC players have come to expect from Battlefield on PC are not missing.”

Hardcore Battlefield fans will be happy to know that the EA store is now accepting pre-orders of BF 1943. To get in on the action, click here.


  1. Still wondering if Im going to re-buy this for PC.

  2. avatar Tadeu

    So what if its running at lower fps then MW3? Its a brand new enngie, and brand new tech, you cant have everything. Unlike MW3, which is still using the Modern Warfare 2 Engine, which is actually the same enngie as COD 2, which is in fact the QUAKE enngie from 1996!!

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