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Michael Pachter’s job is to predict the future of the video games industry, which entails making sweeping accusations that usually cause quite a stir.  As a guest on the most recent episode of Game Trailers’ Bonus Round, he kept his hot streak going with a new prediction that stunned everyone.  Apparently his crystal ball has informed him Xbox Live will eventually cost $100 a year.

Pachter bases this assumption on the fact the Xbox 360 has become deeply entrenched as the main online console for many gamers around the world.  With Microsoft’s hooks deep into us, these people would have no other choice buy to pay the money if the price went up.  Well I’m here to completely disagree with that statement, because I think increasing the yearly cost of Xbox Live could be the absolute worst thing for the system.

I do have to admit that Michael Pachter’s logic for why Microsoft could increase the price of Live does make sense in a way.  He states that, “You really want to hook every gamer who has a 360, you want them to buy all their games on 360, play everything multiplayer, pay you 50 bucks a year so that, in a couple years, it’s a 100 bucks a year.”  Take a note of this people, because this is something straight out of business 101.

Microsoft has been following this business plan for the last four years.  They released a high quality, pay-to-play online service on a powerful, yet affordable console with a slew of highly acclaimed games.  Considering that their only real competition during this time has been the PS3, a more expensive console with a sub-par online service, it’s no shock the Xbox has garnered a huge following.

I have been a die-hard Sony fan since the original Playstation launched, but even I’ve converted to buying all of my games for the 360.  It’s hard not to when most of my friends own the system and all play online with it for around $50 a year.  By this point we’ve all built up huge libraries of games that number well into the twenties and thirties.  We are, in essence, the exact people Pachter is describing.

stack of 360 games

One problem with his logic though is he really underestimates the grand strides Sony has made recently to get the PS3 on the same level as the Xbox 360.  The shiny black box is no longer the $600 or $400 behemoth it used to be.  It’s not even shiny any more.  It’s got a brand new slimmer figure, and a shockingly low $300 price tag that has sent sales through the roof.

If you consider that the PS3 has more built-in features than the 360, like a blu-ray player and wi-fi support, it should come as no surprise that people are finally jumping on the Playstation bandwagon.

The library of games is also arguably starting to surpass that of the Xbox.  With the age of 3rd party exclusives behind us, Sony is starting to separate itself from the competition with a long list of highly anticipated and acclaimed titles like Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, inFamous, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, MAG, and Gran Turismo 5.  With so many exclusives to choose from, Microsoft simply can’t continue to rely upon the Halo, Fable, Gears of War, and Forza series anymore to differentiate themselves.

What’s really on trial here is the online service, and the Playstation Network gets a little closer every day to being as good as Xbox Live.  What used to be considered little more than a joke, has slowly blossomed into a reliable service that has millions of subscribers who play tens of thousands of online matches a day.

With the exception of cross-game voice chat and a party system (both of which are in the works), Sony’s network has the exact same feature set as Microsoft’s at the low price of FREE!  What more could you ask for?

With the PS3 having a $300 price tag, more built-in features, an incredible software lineup, and an almost identical online service, I don’t understand how Microsoft could ever charge $100 for Xbox Live without losing tons of customers to Sony.  Pachter needs to remember that the console war is far from over and while the 360 might be in the lead, it’s not by much.


There are still millions of people out there who haven’t purchased a next-gen console yet and they are looking for the best value proposition.  Not only that, but there are mass numbers of Xbox 360 customers who have been unhappy with the poor hardware quality that threatens to red ring their systems.  These people have been looking for an excuse to jump over to the PS3 to finally enjoy the incredible lineup of 1st party exclusives.

Increasing the price of Live would only give all these people another reason to join the ranks of the PS3 elite.  Not only that, but it would give gamers like me who own both systems, a reason to finally stop paying for the service and switch exclusively to PS3 games.

While I might love the 360 and its great online network, I have been extremely impressed lately with the quality of the Playstation Network.  Both Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 launched without any lag, server, or network problems at all.  With titles like Resistance 2 and MAG pushing player counts past the 60 person mark, Sony has proven the PSN can handle large amounts of traffic.  I’m honestly starting to run out of reasons to continue paying $50 for Live, so why would I ever pay $100?

Now let’s assume that Microsoft does raise the price and some people pay, while others cancel their service.  At twice the price, you would think that even if half the subscribers left, Live would still make the same amount of money it’s making now.  That’s not the case though, as Microsoft would also lose the royalties from the huge loss of software sales that would accompany the mass exit of people.  Then there are all the new customers who wouldn’t even buy the system in favor of the cheaper PS3.

Simply put, Microsoft will be signing its own death sentence if it ever decides to raise the price of Xbox Live.  Considering how well the PS3 is doing and how far the Playstation Network has come, in time they will probably find that charging $50 won’t be accepted anymore.  Microsoft is slowly but surely losing its grip on the online console market, and if they don’t shape up soon, they might find themselves on the losing side of the console war.  I think Michael Pachter might have been dreaming too far outside the box when he made this prediction.

  1. Michael Pachter is an idiot if he thinks Microsoft’s willing to shoot themselves and let Sony take their place. They’re in a relatively good position right now, and I don’t see why they’ll give that position up anytime soon.

  2. Wow. This actually might be more outrageous than Forbes Magazine claiming that the iPhone could become the winner of the handheld console war against the PSP and DS.

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  3. avatar Cedge

    Cool fanboy piece, bro.

  4. XBL is already $100 in Australia (at some retailers), and it continues to sell reasonably well. If the U.S price raised to $100 it’s only an extra $8 to us. I’d say that this prediction is pretty likely.

  5. Anyone who couldn’t tell that Sony would eventually surpass Microsoft in terms of “console war” has neglected to learn anything from Segas mistake of releasing their next-gen console far too soon. Microsoft will eventually have to decide either to make a new updated 360 at a higher, if not equal, price or release their next console.

  6. @Cedge

    How is this a fanboy piece?

    • avatar Yambe

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  7. Wow – I would have to agree with you. Why would anyone spend money on a console that they then have to spend further money on just to get the same features that the PS3 offers as standard? Especially now that the consoles are similarly priced, you really have no reason to do so.

    Of course in my opinion, I think that Michael Pachter’s predictions have been a running joke for a very long time, so this kind of statement doesn’t really surprise me at all.

  8. Great article Shawn. I find it intriguing how you dissect both sides of the argument, looking at this sort of logic very critically.

    I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to buy either a 360 or a PS3 for a while, and I’m starting to lean toward the PS3. Mostly for the reasons you’ve described above: i.e. XBL costs and the infamous red ring of death.

    Also, another reason, and you touched upon it a bit, but for the exclusive titles that are coming out. I have a high end PC, and it seems as though the PC shares more titles in common with the 360 than the PS3.

    Who knows though, I could be wrong.

  9. The 360 shares games with the PC because Microsoft is involved with both.

  10. I would be happy to pay around £20 for live. Inclusive I would want a better on-line service. Granted, when you play Xbox you get matching quickly on the games you play.

    I want to see Microsoft integrate Xbox players with PC gamers on-line. This would see a great increase in diverse players as many, still do not like joysticks.

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  11. avatar Duck

    But think about this…what if they say live is so profitable…we’ll take it down to half of the original price….think about the other way it would work as well.

  12. avatar Robleroy

    Xbox live in the netherlands is 60 euro ,which allready is about $90!!!
    Netter yet:

    Nearly halve of the feautures in xbox live in the US ARE absent in the features of the ducth version.

    Microsoft is NOT an better option any more in europe.
    People are getting to see through the microsoft scam
    pay more ,but get less

    Thats why I now own a playstation3.
    Sorry masterchief…Youre still the greatest….but MS is the worst

  13. avatar mark

    @austin sutten-jennings

    a majority of pc games are not even part of games for windows live. if you look a majority of the the games are the standard pc-dvd boxes that eventually either launch on steam or are later added to steam. apart from steam and windows live blizzard who seems to be making the biggest impact on pc are also pc/mac dvd.

    @article i would rather just pay for a mmo lol and play most of the games on pc for free online.

    @daniel ever hear of shadowrun? everyone who was on pc wiped the floor with everyone that was using a 360 controller because the controls were more precise. it was a 360/pc integrated online game and a majority of the 360 owners started feeling uneasy that people on pc didn’t have to pay for xbox live gold to play, and they got the game 10$ cheaper with better graphics.

  14. avatar Joel

    I love playing on my Xbox 360 and in less than one year I already own 12 games, I guess.
    But if Microsoft raises the price of Live to 100 bucks a year, I’ll sell my console and games and buy a PS3.
    ATM, I think that Microsoft is in deep trouble by selling their console with the same price tag as Sony’s, while the Xbox 360 is arguably lacking features.
    Not that I care much about Blu-ray but charging 100dollars for a wi-fi adapter? ne thing that’s included in every console except the X360?
    I don’t know about the US but in Europe, mos houses have wireless networks so the wi-fi adapter IS a turn off for potential costumers, especially since buying it with a Xbox 360 makes the console much more expensive than the PS3.
    if Microsoft doesn’t lower the price of the XBox bere christmas, they can pretty much kiss Sony’s arse from now on.

  15. avatar Steve

    MS can’t continue with Forza 3 or Gears of War 3 but on the Sony front you list God of War 3 or GT5 as strenghts???
    Weird point of view…

    MS have done and incredible job with exclusives this gen, and has yet alot to offer (Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Crackdown 2, NNN 2, Fable 3, Halo Reach and, probably, Mass Effect 3 and Gears 3).
    And this is just the announced ones.
    While we know that many studios are working on Natal because MS wants to push it not just with minor titles but as a whole solid experience.

    Don’t jump shouting 360 death just beacuse IN ONE MONTH PS3 sold more that 360.

    In USA it sold just 150,000 console more, after months, years, where Xbox360 sold more.

    This year Sony already dropped a good amount of exclusives right in the year where 360 give less exclusives, and this in the year where PS3 lowered HUGELY the price and released a slim version.

    I would wait months before cleaning months of good work from MS.
    Even because, comparing to last gen, no matter how things will go, surely MS will have gained market, while Sony can only shrik what they used to have.

    Xbox Live price at 100$ is very difficult to believe.

    First in almost any big forum you can find people selling codes for 12 months of Live! at merely 30Euros here in Europe.
    I guess the same happens in USA.

    Then you have to consider that, as PSN improves, MS loses justification for yearly price but:
    - Sony has yet to centralize PSN good sales (just see the many problems MG4 met);
    - Sony has yet to find the right solution to costs (is trying with Home furniture, with online magazines, with advert., etc…) but, for now, seems they’re failing finding a right way (but credits to ‘em for trying);
    - Sony has yet to reach all Live features and yet to find a right protocol for developers so toi guaratee PSN costumers that any game has trophyes, any PSN game has a demo, etc…
    …all things that are granted on XboxLive

    And don’t forget that many PSN patches caused serious trouble to many users, even brikking some PS3s.

    IMHO things are yet to evolve.
    But MS is in a better position right now, with Sony trying to catch up from the day they launched PS3.

    Let’s see the future.
    The only thing that could seriously hurt 360/xbox division is Natal.

    MS is investing ALOT.
    Is taking the device really seriously, risking big franchises on it (like Fable 3).
    As a gamer I can like to see that they believe in the device, but I wouldn’t yet bet on its success.

  16. avatar Tommy

    No Nintendo Love? I own a 360 and a Nintendo so if this becomes true, I’ll just sell my Xbox 360 for a PS3.


    • avatar Sunit

      Alright. I’m outscoring you. No way I’m lonsig to you. I have the heart of a champion, eye of the tiger. You might as well take a two-week hiatus in your log cabin. You might as well sell your 360 and buy a sudoku book. It’s on.

  17. avatar David Macphail

    As far as i’m concerned it’s Sony’s amazing first party exclusives that have already sealed the fate of the Xbox 360. It doesn’t really matter what Microsoft do about the pricing of Xbox LIVE, unless this “Project Natal” thing really catches on they’ve already lost this generation.

    • avatar Stefanie

      All those release dates besdies Natal are a lie. Nothing has been announced, I don’t even think companies are planning yet. There’s no reason for a new console, Microsoft is continuing to update the 360 with new ideas and games, and the PS3 still needs help and Nintendo can’t even make enough Wiis yet to meet demand. No, no new consoles for what i expect to be years.

  18. avatar Anonymous

    This is a very misleading article if you look at what Pachter actually says:

    “You really want to hook every gamer who has a 360, you want them to buy all their games on 360, play everything multiplayer, pay you 50 bucks a year so that, in a couple years, it’s a 100 bucks a year.”

    It doesn’t seem like he’s talking about the price of just XBL, but rather the money received by MS in total every year. Since they get something like $10 in license fees for each game he’s probably saying that if the average gamer has a Live subscription and buys five games a year MS will receive hundred bucks a year from them.

  19. avatar massapeal79

    they should keep it the same price 50$yr but what i want to now how much sky going be is it going be the same price like xbl price if so maybe thats why Microsoft think about jacking the price up 100….could be wrong they should keep it the same….my piont

  20. avatar paladin917

    oh well one less pack of smokes a month. they cost almost 9 bucks here. Im in, all microsoft gotta do is add more features. I saw something last week how the uk has some type of cable tv feature thru XBL. if they did something similiar here and made all content in the video market place free. I posted a comment months back about a survey i did for microsoft- and price was a subject…..XBL Platinum or Diamond(thats what i would call it),

  21. avatar Book Panda

    Aside from the handful of punk a$$ commens from Bob, Cedge and the like where their words are less than meaningless, most of what I read makes sense, though there other options to the whole possibility.

    Option 1–Suppose 1St or 3rd (or whoever) only releases DLC for cross platform games (through exclusive licence with Microsoft) through Xbox Live? That has already happened. It might be that if you want the most out of a game, and you want DLC (either FREE or $$) it is only available on Xbox Live. That exclusivity will make the $100 a year possibility seem very reasonable, especially considering that $100/year is about $0.27 a day which in anybody’s book is less than nothing (that’s $1.90 a week–less than a gallon of gas–please that’s nothing), considering what you get for it.

    Option 2, then would be that Sony realizes what a smart buisness option paying for online multi-player and DLC is and starts to charge $$ for Playstation Network service as well. That would even the playing field considerably, give Sony much need revenue, and allow Microsoft to charge more for, what is as of today, a far more comprehensive, mature (not the users, just the implementation) and satisfying and interactive online service in my opinion.

    I own both a “old” PS3 (release model 60GB) and a relatively new pre-white package Elite 120GB. I have Xbox Live and rock it out CoD4 style with my $50 a year multi-player, and Halo 3 as well. Basically, if I want to play online I will buy the game for Xbox. If I only care about single player, I will buy the game for PS3. But if I want both single and multi options, I will typically buy for the Xbox, since that system is simply more mature as a gaming service than anything the PS3 has todate. I only buy games for the PS3 if they are exclusive or the gameplay/graphics is far superior to the Xbox (a few titles do this, but not the library yet)

    I don’t believe in a console war. I believe in competition and that makes terrific games for both systems. F$#k the fanboys, they are people who can’t afford both systems so they moan about it like chimps. They need to grow up, ask Infinity Ward about what they think about fanboys. Fanboys should be exterminated and made extinct as they ruin everything for everyone including themselves. They probably just don’t get enough attention and so act out like room temp IQ morons.

    • avatar Marista

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  22. avatar Omnomnymous

    @ Preceding anonymous:

    Yes, it’s true Pachter’s statement can be construed in a different way, however that prediction is barely a prediction at all; you could probably assume something like that a year or two ago.

    Not to mention PS3, PSN is free, and people can buy games online too…

    But my view is, if it really is about XBL going to $100 a year; maybe they’ll have more things to offer than PSN in the end? since they ARE a paid service…

    though I can’t think of any immediate online things that XBL can further gain access to that is not on there already.. (that being said, i don’t actually own a 360). Also, Japanese PS3 owners can download HD porn on their PS3s LOL.

  23. avatar Book Panda

    In all honesty, I hope both consoles continue to compete for our $$ because that will result in awesome games on both consoles and twice as much fun all around. Rather than complain about which is better or cheaper or more reliable or has more exclusives, why not put that energy into playing the games you like and living it up while it’s good!? Does it always have to be this or that, one or the other? Why not both? Imagine if people ingeneral thought this way about cars? Look how many different types of cars there are? Something for everyone! That is major cool. Imagine if there was only 1 kind of car? 1 console. 1 type of everything? Be glad for console competition. And comparing PCs to consoles is like comparing football to basketball. They are both fun and have different rules, but that doesn’t mean one sucks and the other is the real deal. Have fun with both. Maybe if people starting playing games instead of bitching about them, gaming threads would be about game hints and gamers helping each other across platforms. You wanna fight a war, go to the Middle East and knock yourself out, but leave the games and fun for the rest of us. Nuff said. I am spent.

  24. avatar Johnno

    What’s the big deal? That’s like only $8.30 a month! You’re telling me you’re too cheap to pay $8.30??? The price of a McDonalds meal? Isn’t that how we break things down when it comes to justifying Microsoft expensives?

  25. avatar The Dizzle

    $8.30 a month can be a lot, that can a family of 3 for a week
    ps3… free a month
    360… $8.30 a month
    it’s all about saving anymore. I love my xbox, but I’m still gonna get a ps3… cus the online is free.

  26. avatar Evan

    Look at World of Warcraft… it cost $40 for TWO MONTHS (so it costs around a whoping $240 per year, yet it is raking in the bucks for Blizzard… the business says it has over 1 million subscribers, so taking the value of a one year subscription to wow, times that by one million, they make a net income of around $240,000,000,000 every year!!!
    Even though I am using a computer game as an example, I think most current live users will fork up the extra $40 for 1 year of xbl because, like WoW, people like the online environment, which both have great gaming experiences, good gaming communities, and a hell of a lot of fun.

    But that being said, what is the money you pay being used for at Microsoft? I think one way they use it is to cover the costs of RROD repairs. What I hope the money would be used for after the price hike, and most likely will, is creating a solution for the red ring problem. The higher cost would help develope a fix much faster, and once that fix is made, the price of xbl would reduce drastically because there would be no more RROD repairs to have to be paid for by MS. I could see MS charge like $25 for a subscription to help pay for further developement with the 360. I know this seems impossible to happen for real, but if it does, xbox 360 would make a comeback, with more sales, more happy gamers, and it would be a very cold day in hell.

  27. avatar Evan

    Edit last post – did not mean to say the whole repair thing would likely happen. I meant that my thought had a very fat chance of becoming real.

  28. avatar Tony Stacey

    $100…Im out. Xbox live in my opinion is worth the $50 a year, but with the competitor offering free out of the box an extra 50 would have me saying “no way”. I know that $100 is just a prediction but its going to start the rumor mill spinning and people are going to go out and turn people away from buying an Xbox 360 cause they will believe the BS and tell all there friends its going to be that much. I got mad at a Gamestop employee once about 2 years ago for saying there was going to be a new Xbox 720 in 2007. This goes to show that rumors are sometimes nearly as damaging as facts themselves. I wish people like Pachter would just shut up.

  29. avatar The Dukenator

    $100 for Xbox Live? What’s next? Sony starts charging you to play multiplayer on PSN?

  30. avatar darkestclock

    The guy who wrote this article is dating an Asian female, just trying to appease her. A blatant love fest for the PS3.

  31. avatar Rob

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the price of Live goes up, but I don’t pay $50/year so there is no way I’ll pay $100/year. I haven’t played my 360 in quite some time so maybe MS should use the XBL subscription money and develop some first-party games. They can’t buy third-party games forever. I do plan to fire-up my 360 on Thursday though when The Ballad of Gay Tony comes out. On that note, I wonder how much money MS actually made off that deal. I doubt they will make back their $50 million with these two DL episodes.

    • avatar Auth

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  32. avatar Dirk

    I find it unlikely that Microsoft would shoot themselves in the foot by raising the price to $100 in the US market. I don’t know about anywhere else. It would be like trying to push Vista or Windows ME on customers. Um.. never mind.

    • avatar Memo

      Actually, consoles are reptty content with being behind the computer curve, it’s just that computers are upgraded every few weeks, while consoles are upgraded every year or two. It’s illogical to think that consoles would even attempt to keep up with computers, so just don’t worry about it.

    • avatar Milos

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  33. avatar Jdigitalseven

    @ Steve
    All the games you mention as 360 future exclusives are just shooters (well racing game)…theres a HUGE over saturation already. And 3 Halo games within a year and a half is a red flag at M$’s desperation. They are half efforts, depending on the name halo.

  34. avatar asd

    your wrong. why? 360 owners are stupid. not literally but for taking soo much crap and not caring. gi mag did a poll asking if you had to pay 150 to fix your rrod 360 would you refuse? virtually none said yes. ms could make live $30 a MONTH and the only thing that would stop 360 owners from paying is their parents

  35. avatar Skullleader007

    Well I do agree that if M$ ups the cost of xbox live that it will be shooting itself in the foot. But I personally don’t see them doing that because xbox live is the one thing that really separates them from Sony. The fact that you can find your friends and chat anytime while being in different games is a plus. Also making it mandatory that people do use broadband to play online is key because we all know you don’t want to be talking crap to someone and random teammate comes in the room who has grandma’s dial up connection. Yes there will be cheaters lagging on purpose because they suck so bad but that is the life of a cheater.

  36. avatar Guy

    Obviously, Patcher is wrong. And your own article states exactly why it’s needless to discuss it.
    Microsoft charged 50$ a year because it could. Because there was no competition. But now the PS3 is closing the gap slowly (there is still a gap however) and when competition arises you don’t RAISE prices but REDUCE them in order to stay competitive. That’s also business 101.

    And if Microsoft cuts the 50$ per year entirely, it’s a death sentence again, but this time to Sony: The only reason people consider the PS3 more valuable in the long term is the 50$ for live gold. Without it, the PS3 doesn’t stand a chance unless Sony will seriously ramp up their online system to match the X360 feature-by-feature (instead of concentrating on garbage like HOME)

  37. avatar budakKipas


    • avatar Keny

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  38. avatar P H X

    Microosft haven’t increased the price of Live over here in the UK since it came out. As long as there is competition, the price be competitive (as the article states). As for the PS3 however, people don’t seem to realise that it’s not necessarily the features that entice people, but the games. I don’t care if the 360 has netflix, I only care that I’ll be able to play Gears of War 3 on it. The greatest indrance for me with taking the PS3 online is not having standard voice chat, I’m just too used to talking to people online. If sony started shipping (decent) headsets with the PS3, I’d be very happy :)

  39. avatar Mister_G

    It might go to $100, but in step increments. $10 here, $10 there.

    Not sure why M$ would put the price up though, they’ve already got a money mountain! ;)

  40. avatar MaulYoda

    I think that if MS raises the price to $100, they’ll have a much harder time competing with PSN. I mean, I think XBL is the better service so I don’t completely mind paying the $50 per year but XBL isn’t so superior that a $100 yearly fee justifies it

  41. avatar pixie637

    I don’t think I will ever drop the Xbox, even if it does reach $100 a year. It has awesome features and their always adding new ones. To me $100 would still be worth it.

    • avatar Andre

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  42. avatar SpunkMonkey

    Pachter a tard, I paid 20% less for this years subscription to live compared to last year. The trick is not to get automated renewal you’ll pay the full price. I got 13 months for $39.99 without even trying. Live is just the gateway drug, MS is making their real money on the DLC. Crap for your avatar (as much as I hate to admit it I got my favorite teams Football jersey) is the latest money grab. Worst case Live stays were it’s at, but I expect it to drop actually. After all people spend way more on DLC than they do on the service, so it’s to Microsofts advantage to get more people to sign up rather risk turning them away. As I said Pachter a tard, why does anyone still print his predictions?

  43. avatar Brian

    Would be nice if they could go to $100 console and also open up an application store so that people could bring innovation to the xbox and xbox live platform.

    would like to see things like this new voice client for gamers on the xbox platform. That would be sweet.

  44. avatar ...

    xbots are bait and hook tools

    • avatar Linhtet

      If your warranty periexd 2 years ago, and considering they extended the RRoD warranty to 3 years, that means your xbox is 5 years old. No way in Hell are they going to fix a 5 year old xbox for free.

  45. avatar cody

    hay hay hay ahy hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay

    • avatar Faabriicya

      That CPU is for new computers only. PS3 will use the same CPU. New PS3 CPUs are the same, for etcepxion of lower power consumption (different nanomillimeter techs are being used). As for PS3 the new one will be out (according to Sony) in 2013-2016. As for M$ don’t know.

  46. avatar Buchari

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