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Remember back in June, when someone picked up a copy of the Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge off eBay for the low, low price of $17,500?  Only twelve copies of that game had ever surfaced.

Now, a Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 cart has surfaced on the popular auction site.

This is the last existing copy in the world.  The auction ends in two days.

A bit of history, straight from the auction’s description:

In 1991, Nintendo held a nationwide video game tournament at 58 college campuses, state fairs, and spring break hot spots. Like the Nintendo World Championships in 1990, a special cartridge was created just for this event that had Super Mario Bros 3, Pin-Bot, and Dr. Mario on it and would give you one score for playing all three games. Winners from each of the 58 locations were sent to Orlando Florida to crown the National Champion at Disney World.

Unlike the Nintendo World Championships where Nintendo gave winner’s copies of the special cartridges, the Campus Challenge cartridges were supposed to be destroyed. This game was originally found at an ex-Nintendo employees garage sale in 2006. It is the only copy known to exist. More details can be found on Wikipedia or watch a video about the event on VidLife.

Sound enticing?  It should, if you’re any sort of video game historian or collector.  The funniest part of the story: the game was found at a garage sale.  You can read that serendipitous story here.

Last time this game was sold (in July 2009 to J.J. of, it fetched a mere $14,000, putting it at a solid second place behind the Nintendo World Championships gold cartridge.  Think it can take the #1 spot as most valuable video game of all time?

The auction currently sits at $8,500.  Get bidding!  You only have two more days to own one of, if not THE, most sought-after game cartridge in history.

Source: eBay

  1. Ended at $20,100, just $300 short of becoming the all-time most money spent on a video game. What a deal.

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