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Despite the fact that PC gamers were delighted to hear the rumors of a Modern Warfare 2 delay on PC were in fact false, information being released over the past week have upset many.

First, a 10 dollar increase from 50 to 60 dollars. And most recently, on the latest Bash and Slash podcast, Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling, has notified everyone that there will not be dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2 on the PC.

What does this mean? Well, matchmaking will be reliant on IWNet server technology.

This will allow for a more controlled environment for those that are looking for more balanced matches. However, many PC gamers have grown fond of the amount of replay value in games with dedicated servers hosted and managed by players.

This is a big game changer for the large community of modders and custom online match players, as doing such will now prove to be a lot more difficult.

What do you all think? Does this make you think twice about picking up the PC version over the console version? Are you one of the 33,000+ people upset about this?

Source: NeoGAF

  1. I’ll probably still to the 360 version because of this – I originally purchased the PC version of COD4 but only due to the fact that it allowed ded servers.

  2. I’ll probably just buy both again:

    PC version for the controls.

    360 version for friends.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Eh, this makes me inclined to just buy it for ps3. The idea of having to wait for a match to start on my PC sounds like a major step backwards in innovation.

  4. avatar Dean

    I don’t have a console because I have a very nice gaming rig that I built and keep up to date. I still play both cod4 and cod:waw online. I have played the single player modes on both but I haven’t in a very long time. Call of duty has always been my favorite FPS game due to it’s multiplayer, online play. I feel like IW has crippled the ability for me and my clan to play together and have scrims on our clan servers so none of us will be buying the game. We will simply have to settle for another game. I guess the video game industry is a business so they are just doing what the other money hungry businesses are doing and forcing their consumers to do it their way or the high way.

  5. avatar WTF

    No dedi servers? Fail IW fail……>_>

  6. I still have to go with the PC version, mainly because of LAN parties.

  7. I don’t think I could get enough friends into one house for a decent MW2 LAN party.

  8. avatar Hunter

    I don’t like playing FPS on consoles! The versitility keybinds can provide, and the greater ability for twitch reflexes with a mouse makes for a far greater level of competitive play.

    Consoles are for kiddies. You can take your auto-aim any day. I want my precision aiming abilities, and I want my dedicated servers.

    That said, activtision is an asshat of a company. First no lan support on Starcraft2 and now no dedicated server support on CoD:MW2.

    I guarantee you this move is purely so they can charge for map packs, etc.

    Remember that whole controversy over the CoD:4 map pack?

    Well, here’s activisions way of getting their grubby little hands into the PC gamer pockets.

  9. avatar Tom

    No one should expect PC owners to pay extras on anything. Console owners pay a £200-£300 price once every 4 years; we have to pay an average of £2000-£3000 just to keep our PCs up to date in the same amount of time. Epic fail from IW and Activision. Every one I know has already canceled their preorder. Personally unless they sort this out I’m never going to buy an IW or Activision title again. Plenty off FPS to play, and maybe EA will get of their behind and give us a decent MOH title.

  10. wtf.. Well I didn’t want to buy the 360 version.. but now I might

  11. avatar Ferg

    The LAN party will go on….just without MW2. COD4 will be good enough until BF3 comes out. I will guarantee that BF3 will have dedicated servers.

  12. avatar Irish

    dang if i woulda and probably coulda read that no dedicate severs for mw2 i wouldnt bought it. now i am stuck with a game that will set on shelf cause my friends and clan mates wont be able to join together no good not good at all guess i go back to graw2 n vegas2 n shit holy aa3 lol game needs dedicated servers not click and guess what type of a holes u might end up playin with

  13. avatar joe

    mw2 needs dedicated servers.

    Irish needs puncuation

  14. avatar Tim

    I hear you guys on the complaints, however did you know you can have all your buddies join as a party and then search for a server to join a game? yes that feature is especially cool. And because it is all on steam you and your buddies can all talk thru steam directly instead of the game voice chat and or 3rd party chats. Very Cool Feature I say!

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