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DSi LL announcement

Yesterday, Nintendo announced their latest money-grubbing innovative handheld system reboot.  Entitled the DSi LL in Japan and DSi XL in the U.S. and Europe, it’s the same basic system but with 93% larger screens.

The screens are bigger.  The stylus is bigger.  The price is bigger.

The DSi LL releases in Japan on November 21, barely a year after the original DSi launched, for ¥20,000 (about $220), ¥1,100 more than the current system’s price point.  The screen size is the most obvious upgrade, up from 3.25″ to 4.2″.  This is bigger than both the PSPgo (3.8″) and the iPhone 3G S (3.5″), the DSi’s main competition.

The stylus is also beefing up to a less-losable size (although it’s now too big to fit in the system), and the battery life is increasing to a whopping five hours at maximum screen brightness, or nine to eleven hours at mid-level brightness.  Wait, didn’t the original DS’s battery last ten to fifteen hours?  Hmm…  The smaller, portable stylus will also still be included in the box.

The new system will include some pre-installed DSiWare (two Brain Age games and an unreleased dictionary program) and feature a better viewing angle, as well, according to a statement Nintendo sent to IGN.  Entire groups of people will supposedly be able to view the screen from all sides without any problems now.

After Japan, the DSi XL will hit American and European shores in the first quarter of 2010.  Pricing is expected to be similar (read: more than the current system without any added functionality *cough*PSPgo*cough*), and there will be a choice of three colors: dark brown, wine red, and natural white.

After some “steep declines” in hardware sales, is this the right move?  Or is it another case of too much, too soon?

Source: BetaNews, IGN

  1. You know, I also read that though the screen is bigger, the number of pixels on the screen will be the same. That right there is a definite “no” for me; a bigger screen that makes the games look crappier for more money? I’m still happy with my DS Phat, to be honest.

  2. When I read this title on my RSS feeds, I said WTF. It was followed by capitalism, retarded, and useless.

  3. What’s this, the third rendition of the DS?

    I can understand when console developers create a second, making it smaller and sleeker. However, a third is just too much, and a total waste. Just like Jamie said, why would you pay for a larger screen that equates to lower quality?

  4. That sucks that the screen is the same resolution.

    • avatar joseph nagel

      i no that sucks i agree with you and but the dsi xl i think that it is kind of cool and that also the dam styls cant go in it

  5. If this is slated for the first quarter of 2010 for the US, then its quite possible that this new DS will come out less than a year from the DSi’s release. Safe to say I will not be buying this iteration of Nintendo stealing my money.

  6. avatar Nathan Scott

    I think this product was aimed more towards the elderly portion of Nintendo’s consumer base, hence the massive stylus pen packaged in with this that nobody else is going to want to use. They’re introducing more options, good for them. I’m not going to buy it, but if they’re going to aim their software towards people of all ages, the hardware is going to have to be accessible to older people too.

  7. avatar Darko

    I have a DSL that I bought the day they came out here in the US and there is NO way I would buy this. I can’t believe the res would be the same…some of the best looking games on the DS out now would look horrible! I wonder if they’re planning on striking some deal with netflix or starting up some type of video channel for the DS? That’s really one of the only reasons I would want a larger screen on mine.

  8. avatar Cory Morr

    I”m getting a Nintendo DSi around the holidays. I can care less what succeeds the Nintendo DSi. The DSi is going to be my last and final handheld. I want DSi because I want to be able to play the upcoming Zelda title,”Spirit Tracks” and the Pokemon RGP remakes of,”HeartGold and SoulSilver” in Q2 of 2010. Right now I have a DS lite and I enjoy playing my old Gameboy Advance games with the backslot with DS lite. Nintendo is getting greeder and greeder in a tough economy that people can’t even afford. People are losing their jobs and no one would buy this after the DSi just came out. It’s too soon and this costs even more money. I’ll be happy once I get my Nintendo DSi. It’s my last handheld.

  9. avatar marr

    Oh, evil Nintendo! How greedy can you get?
    How dare you come up with another OPTION for people who want to buy a DSi? And come to think of it, how dare you come up with an actually USEFUL option, instead of merely offering us the usual choice of different colors?
    Bad, evil, greedy Nintendo!!! Shame on you!

  10. avatar Marko De La Cruz

    OMG I do not undertand why Nintendo does this come this is clearly a rip off. Just a bigger screen with no better resoultions or camera resolutions OMG. Seriously what are they out for???

  11. avatar What does undertand mean?

    Jack Seddstill

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