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A trademark filing has recently been spotted for a game called Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. As the last Prince of Persia was released in 2008 by Ubisoft, it makes sense for a new PoP to be on the way.

As with all other series, it’ll most likely end up on all consoles as well.

This news becomes even more plausible when one considers Marc-Antoine Senecal’s profile, a character modeler at Ubisoft, who recently wrote that he was working on the new Prince of Persia. While his profile has since been changed, it sounds more and more like the game is on its way.

Now whether the new PoP would be a continuation of the last one (How could they possibly leave the game and the epilogue where they left it!??!), or whether it would be a brand new spin-off is up for debate. I myself would love to see what ends up happening to Elika and the Prince.

Source: QJ.Net

  1. I have to imagine that there will definitely be a sequal to Prince of Persia, but it’s most likely at least a year away. They simply can’t leave the story as open ended as they did.

  2. I’m OK with where they left the story. Because the story was awful. And the gameplay was right there with it.

    If they make a sequel, it better not be repetitive. If they make an attempt at the story, they better make it so something happened and was accomplished.

  3. If so, completely scrap the last game as a basis, that was unbearably terrible; Repetitive, Hardly any Enemies, Dreadful Voice Acting. Man I’m getting upset just thinking about it.

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