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Nostalgia, the soon-to-be-released steampunk RPG from Ignition, has a new trailer!  And it’s pretty.

Well, it’s as pretty as a steampunk RPG on the Nintendo DS can manage.  It actually looks like it shares a lot of character models with the recent Final Fantasy III and IV remakes…

But whatever.  New IP’s are always cool.  Check it out.

Is it just me, or do I detect an air of Wild Arms?  The variety of locales on display in the video will (hopefully) mean that you never know what you’ll see next.

The game drops on October 27, 2009.  Hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by Tekken 6, DJ Hero, and Forza 3!  They all launch on the same day.  Good luck, new, interesting game!

Source: PixlBit

  1. Me likey. I had the chance to play this at E3 and I loved it. It plays a lot like the remakes of FFIII and IV (all three are developed by the same company) but the story and its steampunk style are what make it unique and definitely something to watch out for if you own a DS.

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