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The new Modern Warfare 2 trailer premiered tonight on U.S. television during the San Diego Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers football game.  As expected, the gameplay footage looks absolutely gorgeous and is filled with lots of high tech death and destruction.  What isn’t expected is the geographic locations the trailer takes place in.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, because the end of the video contains a huge surprise that is sure to knock you off your feet.  All I have to say is that Infinity Ward continues to impress, even with a game that was gauranteed to sell 10 million copies the minute it was announced.

Read on to view some high quality pictures from the trailer.






  1. If only Jack Bauer was there to prevent it.

  2. If the single player is better than MW1: best FPS of all time.

  3. So I’m curious if anyone thinks this trailer has given away too much with the big reveal at the end?

  4. To be honest Shawn, I’ve refrained from watching it!

    I assume it’s some sort of nuclear blast in a high density area: if so, I don’t think it ruined much, because there will probably be a threat of more attacks during the course of the game.

  5. Yeah, this is going to look great through my night vision goggles

  6. I don’t know if it was the editing, the voice over, or the reveal at the end, but this trailer really got me excited for the game. I have a hate-hate relationship with Activision, but I think Infinity Ward is one of those developers that can stand the sway of the publisher.

    However, if the game is priced at 69.99, just because they want to, I refuse to buy it. End of story. Give me a reason to pay that extra ten bucks! Mass Effect wasn’t 70 dollars and neither was Bioshock.

  7. It’s just the opening video, I would think, still looks pretty awesome. It’s in the same mould as “Our leaders prostituted us to the West” from MW1.

  8. LOL that 2nd voice over sounded like a 90 pound asian programmer/fanboi I couldn’t stop picturing him doing the voice over and trying to make it sound all “serious”. They should continued to use the voice from first bible part.

    • avatar Nana

      The First 2 were great. I actually liked the 3rd one (maybe cause i alawys hated Cyclops). It had its issue but i didn’t think it was bad.The 4th one was just such a let down. I may have just over hyped it in my head because it had almost all of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe in it, and messed most of them up. And the story sucked. It should have been such a great story and they just made it lame as hell. Less Ryan Reynolds, the dialogue mostly sucked. When i first watched it, i didn’t mind it as much, but it’s one of the movies i hate more and more every time I watch it. It really just should have focused on Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Maverick. It didn’t need Blob, Bolt, Cyclops, Gambit, emma frost(?), and as much as i love him, Deadpool. I mean he was the ONE character they could have forced in there and made himwork really well, but they messed him up good. I can see Silverfox and Wraith cause they’re in the original story. But the other ones cluttered it up. Maybe made the movie 20 minutes longer too so they could have told the story right.And yet i don’t hate 3.

  9. So MW2 takes place in the Capital Wasteland?

    Also – $5 says the entire D.C. section is a dream sequence.

  10. avatar David

    The nightly you are lilkey running is 4.0b8pre since the tree on Beta 7 build was closed earlier this week. Beta 7 should be out sometime in November. possibly as early as this coming week. RC1 is lilkey what won’t be until December.

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