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Not so long ago, you may remember the outstanding promotional video for the new Ferrari which did a very good job of getting me excited for the eventual release of Gran Turismo 5. But now it’s Toyota’s turn, as GT5‘s latest teaser video stars the newly unveiled FT-86 concept car.

It doesn’t quite match the cinematography of the aforementioned Ferrari video, but it does reveal a couple of new fine details about the final product. For instance, did you notice that in some shots the driver’s face can be seen without a racing helmet?

Also, unlike the previous video, we get a sample of the game’s audio – I hope the engine and tyre screech sounds that were featured here turn out to be in the final game as they are far superior to that of Prologue’s.

For comparison, here are some photos of its real life counterpart:


FT86 2

  1. Man forget about those cars… My 2002 Toyota Camery could blow them out of the water :)

  2. avatar ps3wins

    incoming forza fanboi QQ

  3. avatar Anonymous

    Look, it’s a Toyota 370Z.

    I can’t take this car seriously. USE SUPRA LINES TOYOTA!!!

    Too many Nissan 350Z, 370Z, G35, G37s out there! Why does Toyota have to make another look-a-like.

    Oh and did I mention it looks like $h!t

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