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GameStop Guarantee

Ever order a used game off of and had nothing sent to you but the game disc in a cheap paper sleeve?  Those days are no more.

GameStop’s new policy is to include both cover art AND instruction manuals with every used game they sell online.  Well, every used game on the newest generation of systems: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and PSP.  PS2/Gamecube/Xbox-only owners are out of luck.

Are there catches?  Probably.

While it seems a sweet deal to finally be guaranteed a complete pre-owned game (especially since the generic GameStop packaging is so bright and tacky), notice that the guarantee doesn’t promise the ORIGINAL cover-art and instructions.  Maybe a cheap photocopy?

Technically, GameStop doesn’t even guarantee that you get the art and manual for the same game that you ordered.  “Game has an instruction manual” may imply completeness, but a firmware upgrade also implies that the system will work even better than it did before, as opposed to making your console completely non-functional.

Also, “packed with love?”  Sounds yummy.  Doesn’t say how much love, though!  Maybe just “adopted stepson” love, like, it’s only there because someone said it had to be there.

This guarantee currently applies only to online shoppers.  Perhaps the overstock of manual-less used games will be shipped out to local GameStops for intrepid adventurers to discover?  One can only hope.

Source: GameStop

  1. I don’t buy as many used games as I used to, but I still approve of this shift. I hated not getting the complete package when buying used, shit sucks.

  2. I typically flat out refuse to buy a used game if it doesn’t come with the original box and instruction manual.

  3. The catch is they’ll probably use cheap boxart print outs for existing merchandise. That, or ship them to their retail locations.

    It’s nice to see that they’re actually trying though.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    They should be addressing the issue of selling used games at “brand new” price. I bought Contra 4 NEW (29.99)from gamestop and was given a used copy valued at roughly 19.99, 8.99 if traded in at the time. Got my refund and took my business to Best Buy, and never went back to any gamestop.

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