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Today Sega released a new trailer for Rebellion’s movie monster FPS, Aliens vs Predator. This time the trailer focuses on showcasing the Alien’s abilities.

Marking the third game in the series, Alien vs. Predator seeks to reboot the franchise and set the stage for future titles. Sega previously stated that Alien vs. Predator‘s success will directly affect the release date of Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. Alien vs. Predator is currently slated for a first quarter 2010 release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

To see the new trailer, hit the jump.


  1. Maybe its just me, but from your title It feels like your disappointed in this video. To be fair the preview is titled “Alien Trailer” I wouldn’t imagine to see many or any predator features. Keep in mind that they also released a bad ass predator POV movie at E3.

  2. avatar Rob

    James Horner music/sound.. Pulse rifles sounding just like they do in Aliens…pretty tight looking graphics.. *SOLD* I just hope that the balancing is there main goal. And i read before that that was one of there main things.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    As long as all three species are playable at start I’m sold

  4. avatar reaper7608

    watch the pred trailer and marine trailer before you say theres no preds and all species can be played in any order

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