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After debuting in 1994, the Need For Speed series of racing games have clocked up quite a few miles over the past 15 years, but EA has now announced that 100 million units have been shifted worldwide.

What’s more, fans who devote their social lives to Facebook could land themselves with a 25% discount code for any Need For Speed title – see the official fan page for further details.

There have been a total of 15 Need For Speed games to date, and the latest title, Shift, successfully put the ageing series back on track – to find out how, why not read our verdict? In addition, Need For Speed: Nitro and Need For Speed: World Online are still set for release later this year. I’m still holding out for Hot Pursuit 3, myself.

  1. I think the original Hot Pursuit was the best. Hot Pursuit is just a really excellent concept for a racing game mode.

  2. Need for speed sells no matter what, it’s no wonder it’s sold 100 million copies across the series.

  3. Wow, I still remember playing the original back in the day! I used to love getting that stupidly fast purple car and seeing what crazy crashes and flips I could pull off. Hours of fun!

  4. I haven’t played a need for speed game in 10 years. Hot Pursuit was the last one I tried, and that was on the PC.

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