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During the BAFTA on Wednesday night, prominent designer Peter Molyneux told those in attendance that developers need to “…defy perceived wisdom”. He also declared that “…the best innovations come from challenging the foundation stones of conventional wisdom.” The five games he has chosen, apparently, do just that.

Bungee jump inside and see this Molyneux-approved list yourself.

  • Dune 2
  • Super Mario 64
  • Tomb Raider
  • Halo
  • World of Warcraft

The famed designer chose these games specifically; as they broke the barriers of the conventional, preconceived notions of their respective genres. Extensive reasons can be read here.

Is it a justified-enough list? You decide.

Source: That VideoGame Blog

  1. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he listed any of his own games. Nice pic of Mr. Molyneux, by the way. I guffawed.

  2. I can understand why he chose almost all these games except for Tomb Raider. How was Lara Croft’s first adventure in any way innovative? Can someone explain that to me?

  3. Tomb Raider and Halo are questionable choices to me. Mainly Halo, seeing Goldeneye practically pioneered console FPS a generation before it.

  4. @Shawn
    I would have agreed with Tomb Raider II: EASILY! That game was all sorts of incredible.

    As for the list in general, the one I agree with most is Super Mario 64: in fact, I might even say that’s my top pick for most innovative game of all time.

  5. I highly agree with Mario 64, but Halo and Tomb Raider are perplexing on an innovative games list. Where’s Portal?

  6. Did he over-hype each game?

  7. Super Molyneux 64 actually let you play with people on Mars while it fed you sushi, tickled your feet, washed your car, and massaged your cat.

    Of course, by the time it was actually released, it wasn’t QUITE as good as originally promised. What can you do. Hardware limitations.

  8. I remember being dumbstruck by Tomb Raider when it first emerged. Don’t forget it wasn’t that long after the 16 bit era so we’d never seen such clever use of 3d space

  9. Dune II is very, very important for the RTS genre. I guess I can see the reasoning behind each one of those choices.

  10. I agree with this whole list except for Tomb Raider.

    Goldeneye might have pioneered shooters on consoles but Halo refined it and legitimized it.

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