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Wii-accidents are pretty well known to gamers, in fact I suspect most of us cringe when we have friends & family playing our Wiis… We have learnt the tough way to keep a close eye on those waving around our Wiimotes, sadly for a HSN (shopping network) presenter he didn’t have anyone to teach him restraint.

Watch the footage after the jump to see the wonders of live television.

(I suggest skipping to the 5 minute mark)

You may notice the Christmas decorations in the background, I’m guessing this video may be somewhat old(or they are getting ready early?)… Either way it doesn’t stop it from being smegging funny.

  1. I feel sorry for that Plasma. Good thing they sold the Wiis, might need to replace the TV :D

  2. I love the fact that he is actually trying hard to win, that’s the only reason he breaks the TV.

  3. Hey, the Wii is serious business.

  4. selling point fail. ROFLED all over the walls

  5. That’s a pretty good deal actually.

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