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Tune in to this week’s Limitcast as special guest Shawn Evans joins Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter, and Paul Clark as they mine deeper into the core of gaming culture.

Early in the show, Josh and Chase discuss their hands-on impressions of the recently released PC version of Borderlands, Paul talks up Tropico 3, Chris laments at being late to the party on Uncharted 2, and Shawn shares his thoughts on the PSP Go.

After the break, marvel at the cast’s inability to remain on topic as they attempt to cover this week’s juggernaut of a topic: Difficulty in Gaming.

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  1. Yep. Demon’s Souls has a hold of me. And you guys are slowly getting to know me: I get enjoyment out of killing Shawn and I don’t read instructions :)

    Great podcast and I really agree with what Paul and the rest of you were saying about the fact that a difficult game brings with it a greater feeling of achievement. And although difficult games scare people off more now then before, the risk is certainly worth the reward.

    Glad to see you talk some about the text based games as well. Because a guy I work with was telling me about his MUD gaming experiences back in the day and HOLY CRAP. Basically an old-school, text based MMO where you could lose everything you played for in a matter of seconds. Which although not difficult per say, is certainly hardcore.

    Maybe a topic of discussion in the future? Hardcore games/players and the fact that games are catering to the “casuals” more so than ever (i.e. WoW).

  2. Greatest intro ever. Have fun in the doghouse, Shawn.

    Great cast as usual, guys, and I’m looking forward to some Borderlands on XBL with the good folks who are playing it on 360.

  3. Awesome intro, you’re my new hero now mate :D

  4. That was very classy guys. I like how you guys fade out the talking and blend in the music pretty cool.

  5. By the way, I like rap. Hip-Hop and rap are different in the sense that Hip-Hop is a term for the culture, rap is the music within that culture. Jay-Z FTW!

  6. I absolutely love rap. My last band was a ska/rap band, and I was the lead singer. Toooooo fun.

    Also, Chris, I will totally Mega Man X race you any time you want.

  7. Hahaha, that was some great listening guys, well done!

  8. I really can’t believe you guys included that intro!

  9. Paul, you made some great points about gaming as an entertainment medium in comparison to films, or books.

    Thanks for the pod cast!

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