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Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, Chris Carter, and special guest Shawn Evans as they continue their exploration of the dank, dark, and potentially haunted caverns of the gaming industry. We start the show off with an in-depth discussion regarding everyone’s favorite interactive blockbuster: Uncharted 2, and fan(s) of Paul Clark will be pleased to learn that he makes a heroic (although tardy) appearance this week to enlighten the rest of the crew on his experiences in the world of Brutal Legend.

Stay tuned later in the show as we discuss some outrageous fantasy game crossovers – a segment that is highlighted by Shawn making the most ridiculous suggestion possible. We also hit up your comments from the pre-show discussion, and even digress on the popularity of zombies in media.

As always, hit us up on iTunes, and leave your comments/questions/suggestions below.


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  1. Great podcast this week.

    Here’s the video Josh was talking about in the podcast…

    Just to note: if you could blow up Shawn on purpose, wouldn’t you!? HAHAHA

  2. Thanks for the link, Kevin.

    Also – anyone interested in playing some Uncharted 2 with the Limitcast crew sometime this week? I think everyone but Paul is in possession of a copy – maybe we can schedule some listener love?

    Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make some plans or the Gaming Discussion forum.

  3. You guys all live in silly time zones, if it takes place on a weekend then maybe us UK dudes can participate.

    Cool podcast, although my short mention wasn’t enough to boost my massive ego.

  4. I’m glad I could be that guy that plays random ass games yet again this week!

  5. Haha. Two verbs for a name.

    By the way, what was the intermission/ending music?

  6. @Simon
    Say Anything – “Chia-like I Shall Grow”

  7. Loved the podcast! By the way, if he is a zombie then he does not realise he owes Han a life debt!

    That’s my view anyway ^^

  8. Thanks for having me on the show again guys. It was an absolute blast.

    I still think my idea for Mario Gear Solid is an awesome one. You guys just don’t see the brilliance in it yet, but you will. Oh, you will!

  9. Yea the choice of music was a great touch this week. Alive With the Glory of Love is my favorite Say Anything song.

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