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It’s funny how fast a week can fly by in the wake of a few big releases. It seems each member of the Limitcast has found themselves overwhelmed with Brutal Legend,Uncharted 2, or both – which may or may not have influenced the decision to cool the subject matter down a bit, and lean towards a topic that’s a bit more playful than usual.

This week we’re going to use the power of imagination to combine some of our favorite intellectual properties into fantasy crossover titles, and give a brief description of the type of game we foresee them being.

For example – what if the universe of Silent Hill combined with that of Pokemon in a survival horror RPG?

A wild Pikachu appeared!
Pyramid Head used Decapitate!
It’s super effective!

So listeners, get those creative brains… creating. Share with us your wildest, craziest IP crossovers imaginable and we’ll discuss them during the show.

  1. Dead Rising meets FIFA. Want.

  2. Dead Space meets Star Wars. I want to see a morphed Chewbacca trying to murder Han Solo. Epic.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    uncharted 3: the revenge of lara croft

  4. I have a few ideas:

    1) Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter: There is this part of me that has always wanted to rip Ken’s head from his body, letting his spine dangle in the wind. I know there are those of you out there who’ve wanted to see similar fates happen to the Street Fighter Crew.

    2) Mario Gear Solid: Just imagine if our favorite plumber had to rescue the princess by sneaking around, snapping koopa troopa’s necks, and smoking cigarettes to find trip lasers, all in Bowser’s secret Shadow Mushroom Moses complex.

    3) Sonic’s Revenge: After decades of abuse by game critics, the blue hedgehog can’t take it anymore and finally snaps. He decides to get revenge on all of the video game characters who have surpased him by breaking into their game world and killing them. The game will include locations such as Liberty City, the Mushroom Kingdom, Helghast, the USG Ishimura, and Mount Olympus, mixing tons of different gameplay styles all into one package.

  5. avatar Jazzman

    Simon Caldwell & Gordon Ramsay Vs. Oprah Winfrey & Whoopi Goldberg.

  6. Spore done in a more complex manner (or in a better manner to be frank), that mixes civ building, with RTS, with third person action, with 2d action, with space ship fighting. Which are genres as far as I’m concerned.

  7. avatar unangbangkay

    Gundam meets Dynasty War–oh, wait.

  8. avatar Benefactor

    Phoenix Wright meets Elite Beat Agents. Seriously, watch this and tell me it wouldn’t be amazing:

  9. avatar eric

    my two favorite games: kingdom hearts meets marvel ultimate alliance and kingdom hearts 2 meets marvel ultimate alliance 2

  10. Haha, great ideas guys!

    Final Fantasy vs Metal Gear Solid would certainly be an interesting crossover.

    I envision lots of brooding and love triangles, along with many a long drawn out conversation on genetics and god.

  11. @Benefactor
    That is amazing!

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