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The first series of holiday releases have descended upon us, and we used almost all of last week’s podcast talking about them.  Well, play time is over and it’s time to throw around another heavy topic.

The release of Demon’s Souls has highlighted a glaring lack of challenge in today’s core gaming scene.  And we want to know why that is.  We’ve decided to suplex the monster topic of difficulty in gaming in it’s entirety.

What makes a game difficult?

Has accessibility replaced challenge?

Why is the jump from normal to hard feel like getting punched in the groin and the face at the same time?

Will Paul ever be able to play a game on normal?

Get ready listeners, for a difficulty debate medley. And even though we are all sorts of awesome, we need your help! Share your thoughts about difficulty in video games with us.  Ask us questions about it, share stories with us, or just make fun of Paul because he can only play games on easy.  Perhaps it’s his fault that games lack any real challenge today.

Now get to commenting!

  1. I myself take a games difficulty into consideration as much as I would it’s degree of fun. I’d be less than interested in a game that plays as easily as reading a book.

  2. I’ve never finished a Halo game on anything other than easy. I’m so ashamed.

  3. Hey, I’ll have you know I got up to Expert on the Guitar on plastic instrument games, and have recently boshed my way to expert on some drums songs. I’m assuming I’ve played other games on normal/above, but i’ll be damned if I can think of any.

  4. Personally I think every game should have at least four difficulty modes so that people have a choice. If you like a game enough you will try to play it on harder settings.

    Some games seem to be getting easier, for instance I played Dead Space through on Hard straight away because people said normal was too easy. However, getting the trophy/achievement ” I choose The Impossible” on Bioshock is crazily hard to do so difficulty is still there for those who seek it.

  5. I felt that Halo: ODST was far too easy to complete on ‘Heroic’ difficulty. I know there is a Legendary difficulty setting, but heroic definitely did not feel strong enough.

    I will admit I sometimes speed through games on easy modes for the achievements. However I always go back to see the game more challenging afterwards.

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