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Technology tends to be fickle and unreliable. Sometimes you hit “Copy”, only to have your computer interpret it as “Delete”. Other times, like last week for example, you hit “Record” and nothing happens at all. Such was the fate of the original Limitcast Episode 19. Some may suggest that these follies are the fault of a phenomenon known as “User Error” – but to them I say, “Shut the hell up.”

Technical difficulties aside, the crew will be re-recording Episode 19 on Sunday October 11th, and our focus will be on “The Causes and Effects of Over-hype.”

Comment below with your thoughts and we’ll discuss them during the show.

  • What games do you think suffered the most from over-hype?
  • What do you think the causes are?
  • The effects?

Feel free to discuss any other related topics you’d like us to discuss this week as well. As usual, comments/questions are always welcome.

  1. Props to Paul Clark for putting together the phenomenal header art for episodes 14 and on. Each of them are nearly as beautiful as Paul himself, which is really saying something.

  2. Josh Quinnett is over-hyped!

  3. Thanks for the moral support, honey.

  4. Did you guys save the part with my questions. because if not, that blows

  5. We lost it – but we’ll talk about them again this week. Feel free to share some more regarding the current topic, though.

  6. @Mohamoud
    We’ll answer all your questions again this week!

  7. While I don’t know if this is exactly what your looking for… A game that came out this year that suffered from over-hype would be Fable 2. Fable 2 was so overly hyped that the majority of players to bought into the hype then played the game were greatly disappointed. Fable 2 is a good if not great game but it is by far undeserving of all the hype it received. Take the first fable for example. It was talked about for years and greatly wanted in game trading sites and such. When is the last time you heard something about Fable 2 other than the fact that they’re releasing the game in episodes and the first episode is free? The over-hype in this case completely killed the lasting appeal to a great game that if it was handled correctly could have been received a whole lot better by the consumers than it was.

    • avatar Tommy

      Hi Rewan, thanks for your conemmt. I’m not sure I’m quite as thorough as Tolkien was but I’m definitely a bit of a perfectionist with my writing, which is probably why it’s taken me two years… I wanted to make sure everything was planned out just right! A few personal things slowed me down as well but I’m happy just to have finally started. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess! As far as the dialogue goes, my first drafts tend to focus more on the most important scenes and getting the basic structure of the story right first and so when I can, I’ll often streamline or skip over things like dialogue and exposition to go back to them in more detail later usually I’ll write a quick summary of what I want the characters to say or do and then move on in the scene and eventually I flesh it out properly in the second draft. I guess it’s more of a mix of a draft and an outline than a typical first draft usually is but it works for me and I find it’s more important that I know the basic story works and doesn’t have any holes in it. My work tends to be more prose-heavy anyway, which might be why it works for me as well.You’re right though, I do have an awful lot of notes! I’ve got folders and folders full of them so many I’ve had to start typing them up just to get them in order! I need a new filofax. Or maybe a secretary! Thanks again for stopping by and good luck finding an agent for your novel. It sounds very interesting.

  8. Over-hyped: Brutal Legend.

    The game will be good, just like the rest of Schafer’s stuff. A solid 8.5, maybe even a 9.

    But. It won’t bring anything new to the table. Just a metal paintjob over a Jak/Ratchet/Mario/other-generic-adventure-game skeleton. Adding Jack Black to the project will make it funnier than the others, for a little while. Until we all remember that Jack Black is actually an annoying jerk man-boy.

    Cause of the over-hype: Schafer REALLY wants to elevate himself above “cult legend” status. By pimping it EVERYWHERE he has ensured a million-seller.

    Effect: he won’t have another critical darling/commercial flop like Psychonauts. He will be pressured into releasing more games, faster. The quality will decline slightly, especially over time. The games will bring even less new to the table than BL. Jack Black will become typecast (oh wait, that one’s already happened).

  9. avatar HiddenAHB

    Halo 3.
    The most Over-Hyped game of this gen (Magnalon did this on Dtoid and i was dying to use it somewhere else).

    Okay, now to the points!
    1. Graphics: I bought Halo 3 expecting the vision of heaven in the form of a videogame… and the graphics are just a little better than those of Halo 2.
    2. No love for new players: I had never played any other Halo before 3, and i found the story mode a disgrace, i didn’t understand nothing of the story and i just followed what other people told me to do.
    3. Story: Generic sci fi story, Master Chief is the most boring hero of all time and irrational and dumb story mode.

    The only thing in Halo 3 is the Multiplayer, and since i’m old-school i think Single player is more important than Multiplayer.

  10. avatar ddak88

    HiddenAHB…Type better.

  11. Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2, might suffer from it.

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