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Join Josh Quinnett, Chase Cook, and Chris Carter as they make yet another attempt to mount the treacherous summit of gaming culture – this time without the guidance of their friendly sherpa, Paul Clark.

Despite being down a member, the guys managed to attack a horrendous beast of a topic this week: “The Causes and Effects of Overhype.”

Also listen in for some in-depth discussion regarding Demon’s Souls – a title that has captured, and subsequently infuriated every attending member of the cast (except for Chris Carter, self-proclaimed “Demon’s Souls Guardian Angel”).

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  1. Oops – I meant “Kane and Lynch Gamespot Fiasco”, not Gamestop.

    Demon’s Souls is corrupting my ability to think.

  2. On the PS3 Arkham Asylum you can play as the Joker, but I agree Arkham is too short for GOTY.
    Good Podcast, I forgot DMC was actually RE4 at the start of its development.

  3. First podcast I have listened to here at Gamer Limit. Great Listen! I loved the endless repetition of ‘champion’ :P

  4. Also I’m not buying MW2 until it’s cheap

  5. Josh pressed record this time! Well done, sir.
    Also, Overhyped Game?
    GTAIV… That is enough.

  6. @Paul

    Nope, he screwed up again. I saved the day.

  7. Well… sounds like I’m fired. Oh, and I called the Brutal Legend Legend scores/complaints:;title;1. Who wins now?

    If I’m gone, Paul is the only one that wins.

    HA no one cares about Paul. I’m here to stay! :D (Get used to it, Paul.)

  8. I might get a chance to listen to it later but did you guys remember to announce the insult contest winner?

  9. avatar Ganry65

    So much squandered potential there. ,

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