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Left 4 Dead 2

It’s been a messy saga over the last few weeks for Valve. Their highly anticipated sequel Left 4 Dead 2 was banned in Australia thanks to a truly antiquated rating system, while the South Australian Attorney-general jumped on the Valve-hating bandwagon.

Well, now it seems that L4D2 has indeed received an Australian rating. Read on to find out what it is.

[Update]: With all of the rumours swirling around the blogosphere, Gamer Limit contacted Valve Software directly regarding the submitted version and recieved a reply from Valve’s Doug Lombardi.

Edited. Waiting for word on the appeal of the standard version. So, the game will ship in Austalia the question now is which version.

Stay tuned.

That we will Doug. More when we have it.

The Australian Classification Database has just released information that Left 4 Dead 2 has been slapped with an MA15+ rating for “strong bloody violence”.

It is good to see that at least some progress is being made in the campaign for its release.

More updates to follow.

  1. Melee attacks are now referred to as “strong hugs”, disembowelments have been reanimated to a sneezing panda.

    Apart from that, I’m sure it’s just as hardcore :P

  2. The edited version was the one that received the 15+ rating, but Valve is appealing it in hopes of releasing the unedited one (perhaps Australia will finally establish an 18+ rating like they have with movies?). And, if the appeal passes and the edited game has already been shipped, Valve can patch L4D2 later by way of an update.

    Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

  3. avatar luden

    We get an edited version.

    If I pay for a coke, and some god-fearing douchebag gives me a diet coke, I will be less than satisfied with my beverage.

    Same principle damnit! This nanny state sucks.

  4. @Nick

    No chance with the R18+ thing, at least in the near future. Our douchebag South Australian Attourney General is some variety of hardline “think of the children” moron. He’ll have to lose his seat before we’ve got a chance.

  5. @ Matty

    Aren’t the ratings supposed to keep the bad games out of the hands of the children though? Isn’t that the whole reason for their existence? Just sayin’.

    Example: there aren’t any Americans under the age of 17 that play Halo 3 online! That would be bad parenting, as the game carries an M rating. The same principle should apply in Australia.

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