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For those that have gotten tired of boycotting, and have pre-ordered Left 4 Dead 2, enjoy what will surely be nothing more than a tease. Valve has announced that demo pre-loading is now available.

“The early access to the L4D2 demo is open to both retail and Steam customers on both the PC and Xbox 360. Those who pre-ordered via retail should be able to pick up their early access codes now and be ready to play the demo on Tuesday.”

So if you are impatient and wish to be as ready as humanly possible for the demo to the controversial sequel to Left 4 Dead, what are you waiting for? Get to installing!

Be sure to let us know how pretty the install looks on your computer. Or if you find that they are whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

Everyone hates a tease.

  1. I’m still not even sure I’m getting L4D2, mainly because I haven’t played the original in months.

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